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avatarbuttsy00 (11 posts)  3/8 6:47 PM


Excidted this site is up and running.

I am in a H2H Yahoo league and i'm trying to set up the League Settings but I can't see some options that my league has:

Hitters: Grand Slam Home Runs (SLAM)

Pitchers: No Hitters (NH) & Perfect Games (PG)

Any chance these can be added so I can set my league settings correctly?

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avatarbuttsy00 (11 posts)  3/11 6:09 PM

Can you let me know about the above please? Keep up the good work guys!

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avatarwpamorrissey (3 posts)  3/11 6:25 PM

Hard argue against either of those stats.

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avatar#4586 (17 posts)  3/13 3:19 PM

I wouldn't worry too much about these... especially as it pertains to a draft. There were 42 complete games in MLB last year. There were 3 no hitters, but one of them involved four pitchers. So probably 2 no hitters for your league stats. The two no hitters were Paxton and Manea. So they weren't even skewed towards the top pitchers. So roughly 5% of complete games are no hitters. Take 5% of the points for no hitter.... (I'll assume 20 for No-no, for example). 5% of 20 is 1 point. Add that to the points you get for a complete game. (I'll assume 10 for CG). Count complete games as 11 instead of 10 and you'll have a pretty good estimate. No matter how advanced you get in a projection of something so rare, I'm not sure the advanced calcs would be more than a rounding error difference in that. The guys who project to pitch CGs are most likely to pitch no-hitters. But the no-hitter is a whole lot of luck on top of a good game.

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