Best punt strategy

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avatarpacino1228 (9 posts)  3/9 2:04 PM

Hey all - looking for some feedback on what you think is the best punt straegy? I was pretty successful last year trying to snag all the pitching cats (6) and then trying to grab SB and AVG last year. I'm in a H2H 12 cat league.

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avatarnoconstant (7 posts)  3/9 5:13 PM

Steals and saves are the best punt always. Out of the cats, Sb and Sv have the weakest correlation with the other cats. This means you can completely forget about them and still be very strong in the other cats.

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avatarpacino1228 (9 posts)  3/9 7:08 PM

I totally agree. I've run a coupld of mocks today, and saves were gone in a heartbeat. I ignore SBs every year. Thinking about punting ERA and BA also......

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avatar#4586 (17 posts)  3/13 3:32 PM

I don't like to set a punt category before the draft. (I agree that I end up punting Saves and SBs most frequently.) But during the draft, I mostly follow this site and if, by chance, a closer is the top available pick, I'll take him. Same with SBs. I don't punt them initially. I think the punt only makes sense once you've realized you're going to be last in a category. But if several teams are pseudo-punting the category, it's easy to pick up a handful of points with just one decent player. As the season wears on, I feel like I've punted most categories over the years. But even when I'm "punting" something like saves, if I'm in a close bunch of people at the bottom of the league, picking up a guy to get 10 saves is often the most effective move. But once you know you're going to be last in something, flip on the punt category and work some trades!

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avatar#4586 (17 posts)  3/13 3:33 PM

For the saves... I almost never draft a closer because they disappear so quickly. But with a few waiver pickups, and you can work yourself into the middle of the pack of saves without drafting a single closer.

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