How do I add bench spots?

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avatarbellsofwar3 (12 posts)  3/11 7:40 PM

On BBM it calculates it for you if I'm not mistaken, how would I do it here.

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avatar#4586 (17 posts)  3/13 3:06 PM

What do you want calculated? I think what you need is sort of here... On the settings page, you enter the number of teams, the number of hitters per team and the number of pitchers per team. Below that, you list the starters for each position. So if you have 12 hitters on the roster and 10 active hitters, it's counting two bench hitters per team. (I see in the notes, Ken recommends setting hitters to your number of starters. Not sure of the rationale there... maybe for better draft rankings so you're drafting your bench pitchers who will often pitch before you're drafting bench hitters who hopefully won't play.) It's a little different than basketball since it's not really one bench, but two. You have to sort of guess on the roster averages for the draft. After the draft, you can adjust. I make sure those two numbers add up to the number of people on the roster. Not sure what that does to my rankings...

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/13 3:15 PM

It'll take some work to get an ideal solution, but this year I set my hitters to active + bench / 2.  So if you have 10 starters and a bench of 4, it would be 12 hitters.  Same idea for pitchers.

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