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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/13 4:16 PM

Draft Tracking - Since we cannot connect to ESPN directly, you will need to use the copy/paste method described on the draft tracker page.  Make sure your provider is set to ESPN under League Settings first.

Team Players - Make sure to authenticate ESPN here first. Then use your ESPN ID to import under Team Players.  For now, you must import rosters to get the latest, but we'll be adding an auto-update before the season.

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avatarlevofb1907 (5 posts)  3/14 9:48 AM

Perfect, thank you for the updates! Excited to try it out in a mock draft this weekend.

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/14 10:04 AM

I had a draft this week, and it worked best to only update before my pick.  ESPN gives a pretty long time, 1:30, between picks so it left me enough time to decide.  I also filled my queue leading up to my pick.

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