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avatarChrisleblanc  5/10 6:57 PM

Hey guys,

For your week 8 projections why is it that you have Taylor May (Min) projected to have over a save when he hasn’t had a save yet this season and Taylor Rogers is projected at 0 saves for the week when he has 4 saves on the season. Another example would be Sergio Romo, no way am I picking him up but you have him projected at 0 saves next wk when he seems to have the closer job locked down for MIA. Also, you still have Tyler Anderson (Col) projected very highly ROS in my league when he has recently been sent back to the minors. Was just wondering if you guys started paying more attention to the projections as was stated after basketball season ended, thanks and have a great weekend!

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avatarkslight  5/11 7:06 AM

Yes, the short-term saves need some work, and I'll see what I can do this weekend.

The long-term are currently updated weekly so Anderson should be adjusted by Monday also.

Thanks for the details.

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avatarapharr1  5/21 5:07 PM

Going forward, will it be possible to have the projections updated more frequently, more than once a week?

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avatarChrisleblanc  6/2 7:55 AM

Hansen Robles is the closer for the angels he’s still not projected as one, I think you guys are more focused on the dfs side of the site which is fine but speaking for myself as I play normal fantasy your updates and projections have been quite disapponting. Not enough attention is being paid, I get that its a free service for now but I rely on this site as I do with basketballmonster and Im suffering for it in my league now. Thanks, hopefully you guys can just do a quick customize projection option when clicking on a player so I can handle things myself. I do appreciate the features and your effort guess you might be shorthanded compard to basketball which is much more popular.



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avatarkslight  6/2 10:27 AM

Short-term closers have been a bit iffy, but they should be better now.

We're not updating long-term projections each morning and short-term during each day.  If you see any issues, let us know.

DFS appears to be a focus since it's very easy to maintain and is mostly automated. 

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avatarDXM12  6/4 12:07 PM

@Chrisleblanc, another option for you is to import your own projections from a site like Fangraphs. I find that feature very valuable if I want a different perspective or feel that the site projections are not updated quickly enough.

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