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avatarDXM12  5/19 10:58 AM


I'm a big fan of Basketball Monster and am looking forward to this tool being the same! A few things:

  • I'm willing to pay a subscription if that means projections would be updated on a daily basis like the Basketball site
  • Any plans on adding projected standings/team analysis as part of the trade analyzer?
  • Are current standings/stats taken into account for the projected standings tool? Would be very helpful for Roto leagues to factor in ROS stats with what's happened so far

Keep up the great work, looking forward to this improving!


EDIT: According to another post my 3rd bullet is being worked on, thanks!

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avatarDXM12  5/31 10:07 AM

Anyone? Buehler?

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avatarkslight  6/2 10:32 AM

Yes, we'll add all of those features to the projected standings page.  The goal is to get the site into a state where we can confidently charge for next season.

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avatarDXM12  6/4 12:05 PM

Thank you! You addressed the feedback for the projected standings page and adding in-flight progress, how about adding projected standings and team analyzer to the trade analysis tool? On Basketball Monster you can see the results of a hypothetical trade to your team analysis and projections in standings, very helpful in understanding whether you should do it or not.

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