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avatarSo-Tex   4/20/2013 2:45 PM

Forgive me if this is somewhere else, but being a noob to baseball in general, I'm still learning the ropes of not only the fantasy game, but this site as well.

Saying that, I had one question: when reading the lineups for "Daily Projections" for Fanduel, there's a little "rotoinfo" icon which comes up under the "Opp" and "Matchup" columns. When you scroll over that icon, it reads "lineup confirmed". Does that mean the player is confirmed to be in that game's particular lineup, or does that just indicate that the lineup for that game has been confirmed. If the latter is the case, where would I go to find out if the player I'm choosing is in the lineup for that particular game?

Thanks in advance! And great job on both this and the basketball site!  thumbs up

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avatarkslight  4/20/2013 3:23 PM

Hello So-Tex,

Yes, the rotoinfo icon is added when they send us the official starting lineups for the teams.  If a player does not have the icon, they may not actually be starting in that game. It is possible that a lineup will be changed so it's good to check back to make sure your daily lineups are still confirmed.




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avatarSo-Tex   4/21/2013 1:13 AM

Thanks Ken! Again, great job with both sites!  party

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