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avatarrsimon4  10/5/2022 10:31 AM

Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into this all season long. My teams would not have had the success they had without Baseball Monster.

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avatarken_admin  10/5/2022 10:49 AM

Thanks, and I'm glad it helped.  How did you mainly use it since we keep certain area more up to date than others?

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avatarrsimon4  10/5/2022 11:31 AM

I used the Daily and Weekly Projections all the time. My Yahoo league has daily changes and my Fantrax league weekly so both projection features were very helpful. I know some players - especially when they came off injury - weren't always updated but it was good enough to let me know which players to start and which players to target as pickups. Throughout the season I would import projections from Fangraphs about once every two weeks and that was helpful for rest of season rankings. I used the Daily Lineups page a lot, too. Schedule Analyzer and Ease Rankings were something I started using later in the year and found them helpful, too. Of course, I also used the Draft Tracker for my drafts.

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avatarken_admin  10/5/2022 11:50 AM

Yes, the proejcted lineups needed some help.  I believe a little effort could make them much better, and we'll concentate more on that next season.  Thanks for the feedback.

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avatarrsimon4  1/11 5:50 PM

Will there be a 2023 Baseball Monster?

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avatarken_admin  1/12 2:22 PM

Not sure yet.  Are you already looking to import projections?

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avatarjawinks  1/12 9:47 PM

I know I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to import projections as soon as is convenient for you, as it's really helpful for trading in dynasty leagues. In terms of regular season, I found myself using daily projections a lot, as well as the projected standings and team analysis.Thanks for such a useful site!

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avatarrsimon4  1/14 9:38 PM

Well, I did already just to see what the rankings would look like as I start to plan for drafts. The 2023 projections imported into the 2022 program fine but players showed with their 2022 teams. Anyway, there's no rush and would be very happy to pay for this!

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avatarjpdagohoy  2/25 7:11 AM

Would love to have a draft analysis before our draft starts. 

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avatarken_admin  2/25 8:20 AM

You should be able to import projections now and use the draft tracker.

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avatarjpdagohoy  3/4 6:04 AM

May i ask how? Where to put my draft order? Can't seem to relate same with the basketball monster. Sorry for hi-jacking this thread. 


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avatarken_admin  3/4 6:36 AM

We don't create baseball projections so you'll need to import some here:

Once imported, you should see results under Projections and Draft Tracker.

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avatarTeamCropDusters  3/14 3:11 AM

ive only just realized baseballmonster exists after being a basketball monster member the last few years. this is very cool and everything is working without a hitch. Thank you guys.

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