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avatarmbuser   3/6/2013 10:49 AM

Sign up at FanDuel with an initial deposit of at least $20 and our Full Season Membership is free. FanDuel regularly pays out over $1 million per week through its contests. More info on FanDuel here, with scoring and rules here. Put our tools to use and your odds of winning get that much better. 

Here are the legal qualifiers, from their site: You must 18 years of age or over and a resident of the USA or Canada to make a deposit or play in any FanDuel contests with an entry fee or prize. If you are a resident of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, or Vermont, you cannot play FanDuel for real money.

You can still take advantage of this offer if you've already signed up for our Full Season Membership. Sign up at FanDuel and the cost of your Basketball Monster membership will be refunded - you'll still have your Monster Membership, but now you'll also have $20+ with which to take part in FanDuel's daily or weekly games.

** Use the link at the top of this post to take advantage of the offer **

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avatar#25264  3/8/2013 8:52 AM

If you are a basketballmonster member, how much is the discount?

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avatarkslight  3/8/2013 10:02 AM

You get a $1 discount for each previous basketball/baseball membership.  This calculation will show up on the membership page.


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avatarfabeaka  3/25/2013 4:42 PM

My emails match on both the FanDuel website and Baseball Monster site. I deposited $20 via PayPal into my FanDuel account 2 days ago, but have yet to receieve the email confirming my free Baseball Monster membership. How long does this process normally take? Thanks.

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avatarmbuser   3/25/2013 4:52 PM

Was this an existing FanDuel account? You'll note that the stipulation is that it's for new FanDuel accounts only.

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avatarkslight  3/25/2013 5:06 PM

I can check for FanDuel to see what's up.


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avatarkslight  3/25/2013 5:15 PM

FanDuel says you had the wrong promo code, but you're set now.


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avatarfabeaka  3/26/2013 8:52 AM

Thanks for your help guys. I'm all set. Good luck boys!

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avatarcircatbs  3/29/2013 1:15 PM

I also created a new FanDuel account, deposited $20, and have yet to receive my membership. 

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avatarkslight  3/29/2013 1:30 PM

I will check with FanDuel and get back shortly.


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avatarkslight  3/29/2013 1:52 PM

You are set. Sorry for the delay.


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avatarcircatbs  3/29/2013 1:52 PM

It's cool. Thanks a bunch. 

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avatarehrenberggreg  3/29/2013 6:16 PM

Sorry for bringing this up as well, but I also made a deposit to FanDuel and am yet to get the membership to baseball monster.  Thanks for you help in advance!

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avatarkslight  3/29/2013 6:26 PM

I will check on this too.


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avatarkslight  3/29/2013 7:26 PM

@ehrenberggreg - You are set too.  They said you had the wrong promo code.


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avatarehrenberggreg  3/29/2013 7:31 PM

Sorry for the trouble, but thank you very much for the help!

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avatarjmak123  3/31/2013 3:37 AM

Hi kslight, 

Could you check on my account too please?   I just deposited $20 with fanduel but i haven't received an email either regarding full membership.



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avatarkslight  3/31/2013 6:24 AM

Your membership is now active. Thanks

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avatarnotv0002  3/31/2013 8:34 AM

Same boat here.  I created a new (another) fanduel account.  Am I entitled to the discount?

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avatarkslight  3/31/2013 8:48 AM

I believe you need to be a new member, but if you want to send me your email, I can check with FanDuel.


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avatarboogerbean  4/3/2013 12:44 PM

i just signed up today but i think it wont go through either because it loaded the 20 from paypal and the money is in my fanduel account but it had a message saying unsuccussful. so i dont think the promo code was activated. if you could look in id appreciate it thank you

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avatarkslight  4/3/2013 12:49 PM

They have sent us your email so it seems to have gone through fine. Thanks


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avatarspboden  4/3/2013 1:46 PM

i used fanduel last year, but just now put in $20 to start season....I assume I can get no discount with this correct?  I need to pay full price?  checking before I do anything, thanks.

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avatarmbuser   4/3/2013 2:02 PM

Yes, sorry but FanDuel stipulates that you must be a new user on their end.

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avatarspboden  4/3/2013 2:04 PM


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avatartroyh72  4/4/2013 9:37 PM

I signed up for Fanduel, but only as a free account, I did not deposit any money.  I then saw your special, so I went to Fanduel yesterday and deposited $25 dollars.  Am I still eligable?  

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avatarkslight  4/5/2013 6:03 AM

I believe you will qualify, but I'll check with FanDuel.


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avatarpt5000  4/11/2013 11:55 AM

same thing happened to me as boogerbean. pls look into it. much appreciated. thanks.

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avatarkslight  4/11/2013 12:41 PM

You should have a full membership now. Thanks

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avatarwhitediesel  4/11/2013 7:44 PM

So about how long before I have a full membership? I signed up at Fan Duel though the link from this site not too long ago, maybe a few hours. I was just curious about how long the turn around time is on activating the membership here at baseball monster. 

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avatarkslight  4/19/2013 12:52 PM

You are set. Thanks for signing up.


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avatarpokerstud321  5/6/2013 1:56 PM

I also have not yet recieved my full membership for signing up and depositing $25

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avatarkslight  5/6/2013 2:16 PM

I will check with FanDuel and get back shortly. Thanks


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avatarkslight  5/6/2013 2:25 PM

You're all set now. Thanks

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avatarwiggumy2  5/7/2013 9:11 PM

I followed all the links and signed up for fandual with a $20 paypal transfer.  Do you mind looking into my account...i only signed up because of the full membership  to baseballmonster. 

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avatarkslight  5/7/2013 9:19 PM

Your membership should be active now.  Thanks

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avatarEinstein_Disguised_As_Robin_Hood  5/21/2013 1:17 PM

I also never received a membership after making my FanDuel deposit.

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avatarkslight  5/21/2013 1:39 PM

I'll check with FanDuel and get back shortly.

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avatarkslight  5/21/2013 3:50 PM

Your membership has been added. Thanks

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avatarEinstein_Disguised_As_Robin_Hood  5/21/2013 5:37 PM

Thanks for the prompt response.  It is working now.

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avatardannyo33  8/24/2013 1:35 PM

I know this may be late in the season, but I just signed up with fan duel and made 25 deposit.  Can you check on it for me?  Thank you!

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avatarkslight  8/24/2013 1:58 PM

They haven't sent anything yet, but I will check and get back shortly. Thanks

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avatarkslight  8/24/2013 3:16 PM

FanDuel says you signed up with a different qualifying offer so sorry for the confusion.  Our remaining season price is dirt cheap and certainly worth getting if you're a daily player. cheerleader

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avatardannyo33  8/24/2013 3:59 PM



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avatarrilestrials27  2/14/2014 4:05 PM

Will their be a FanDuel membership discount for the 2014 season? 

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avatarkslight  2/14/2014 5:01 PM

We're going to have a partnership with one of the providers, but we are not sure which yet.

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