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avatarcrucified77  5/9/2013 1:22 AM

I'm in a 8 league Yahoo! H2H points scoring league based on SABR points.  It's really awesome that the league came together during week 6 and I have some good teams to compete with. 

Draft Tracker - Helped me draft when I probably couldn't have done it with any hope of coming out ahead or on par with others.  I actually did alright but I think I was playing against a guy that was also using the Baseball Monster draft tracker as we came out about even seemingly winning the draft.  He would steal guys that I was holding off on... but at least it was only 1 guy doing that.

As a user of Basketball Monster I know the system so it's pretty similar drafting and finding players just that there are different cats. This site is very good and really save a lot of us time or having to rely on our league provider's tools which are okay, but far from what Baseball Monster provides with the tools and player values.  I have ideas that I shared with kslight already and curious if anyone has any comment along these lines.  Unfortunately I can't copy the list of things I commented on or had questions about because the Messages link says "System Error".  I'll copy them here after that problem is resolved.  

One thing I post draft I discovered is that the start date doesn't sync up with Yahoo! It is off by 1 week (+1) compared to Yahoo!.  So I would request that the calendar match the league I am playing in based on Projection Source or where I import from.  I could have looked at the dates but I assumed it was okay without issue with Basketball Monster.

Overall I am happy with Baseball Monster and the support / response I have gotten from Ken.  Didn't get helpful feedback on my posting about my SABR point system, so I can't rave about all the support / response, but that is only one component to this site (the support).  As I don't see the traffic that I'm used to with Basketball Monster maybe an advertising campaign is in order to see if more can join so we can see more traffic on the forums.  However, I hate to see this site get into the hands of my competition.  Baseball Monster has so much going for it, and even has a money back if not satisfied and free with FanDuel (which is not allowed in my state so I can't use it).

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avatarmbuser   5/9/2013 11:40 AM

Is your league publicly viewable? I'd be interested in taking a look at rosters.

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avatarcrucified77  5/9/2013 10:09 PM

Yes, it is, here is a link: (I'm OTC Intangibles)... thanks!

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avatarmbuser   5/10/2013 1:27 AM

I like the setup a lot. I enjoy points-based h2h leagues and the scoring looks good - load up on players with a high BB%, eh? Hopefully the projections treat you well here, keep us posted on progress.

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avatarcrucified77  5/13/2013 12:56 AM

Thanks for checking it out mbuser and glad that you liked the setup.  It's a late start so there are only 15 games (and I may still extend the playoffs to 3 weeks).  The balance between divison seems pretty good.  My BB%, I assume that walks for pitchers, actually doesn't seem to play in much because it's just one stat that gets into the totals for the games.  I like that scoring makes it easier for someone new (like me) to get into it... and H2H is better for rookies as we can figure it out as the season progresses.  

I hope this site does pay off in the H2H projections.  The weekly projections hopefully are solid as the site doesn't offer any way to use your own custom projections for weekly H2H.  I would like that to be expanded to include custom projections, full season, last X games, last Y days, and so on.  Hopefully you guys can get that updated soon. 

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