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avatarguntaar2187  5/16/2013 1:27 AM

First off, you guys do a great job and put in a lot of hard work to create the projections on this site, and it is always my first stop when I'm analyzing trades or looking for add/drops. However, I think it could be useful to have another set of projections available to look at and compare different opinions. I'm sure many of you are familiar with other projection sources, such as Steamer, which is available for free online (posted online and available through Fangraphs). I know there is a section with instructions on how to import custom projections, but I have yet to attempt this (I could use a little work on my excel skills). I've just got a couple questions for anyone who has experience in doing this:

Can you reccommend any other reliable projection sources that can be found for free? I have a couple different leagues that use different scoring formats. Once the projections are imported, will they generate values (z scores, dollar amounts) for each league's specific scoring and roster settings? Can you reccommend any tips for formatting the spreadsheets so they are in the proper format to read on this site? 

I plan on working on the Steamer projections early next week, and I would like to share the file to others on the site. Would it be acceptable to create a thread with links to the excel files so others can import? Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, should make it very easy to share these files and I think it could be a great resource for everyone to look at. The community does a great job of making adjustments and the admins (?) work very hard to make sure everything is updated to reflect trends and playing time. While I'd still prefer to use the projections on the site, would anyone else be interested in sharing some other projection sources on this site? 

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avatarmbuser   5/16/2013 12:29 PM

On the Custom Player Projections page, you will find a link with formatting instructions [Projection Import Instructions PDF]. That's really the only tips you need, because that's the only way that they will function properly big smile

Z-scores and $ values will update based on your custom projections, whatever they happen to be.

Feel free to share any/all projections that are available and free to share (as deemed by the owner). There aren't many updated projections of that nature that I am aware of.

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avatarcapevanwinkle  5/25/2013 1:43 PM just released Rest of Season projections ( which they say will be updated regularly throughout the season. I just tried importing them, but they don't break out singles/doubles/triples, instead they project the percentages (AVG, OBP, SLG, and OPS). Is there any way to import custom projections that use this format?

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