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avatarholty85  5/25/2013 9:28 AM

What advice can people give? I find daily mlb to be one of the most frustrating games as it is literally all luck?! Unlike in Basketball where things are fairly easy to predict in baseball I've had poor results, even times when I've loaded roster with star hitters in supposedly good matchups the result is not good


thanks in advance 

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avatarkslight  5/25/2013 10:34 AM

It's definitely less predictable than basketball, and I treat is as a long-term investment.  Make small bets most days with the hope if getting a decent payout every 10 or so.  I do the $2 tourneys and have stayed away from the 50/50 type bets.  I think both could work long-term, but it's easier to handle losing a $2 tourney (where I don't expect to win) than a $2 50/50 (where I expect to have a good shot at winning). What type of betting have you been doing?

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avatarholty85  5/25/2013 11:02 AM

I've done all -- 50/50, tourny, H2H, double up -- I've actually had best luck, in terms of dollars won, playing the double ups & 50-50 -- I just crunched the numbers I've paid in $70 and won $142.83(which isnt too bad) but I guess it doesn't feel like it since those winnings were spread out and put right back in -- I guess I figured having a tool like BBM Would give me an edge to win the big bucks in those tournys -- LOL 

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