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avatarunbigote  5/26/2013 2:26 PM

I have Kimbrel and Mariano as my closers (just traded Veras). 12 team league with two teams hoarding closers so on the weeks I don't face the hoarders two closers seem to do the trick.

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avatarmbuser   5/26/2013 2:45 PM

Lots of Wacha hype today, which I question given his 5.8 K/9 in AAA. But if you don't need K-Rod, then what's the downside?

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avatarunbigote  5/26/2013 2:54 PM

Wise words -- I'd picked up K-Rod as some insurance/edge in saves/future trade flexibility but am skeptical how long he will hold the job (or if he really even has it). Though I also managed to overlook Wacha's middling K/9 and focused on Cardinals pitching pedigree/status as a former first rounder.

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