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avatarmymaus  6/4/2013 1:54 AM

Is there anyway to leave projections on in H2H weekly (especially for hitters) even for those players who are currently on the DL? You could go ahead and make the default as being unchecked, but give the user the option of guessing when he comes off the DL and checking the appropriate days accordingly. I ran into this issue with Teixera last week and am running into this issue with Middlebrooks (who is supposed to come off on the 8th and doesn't have any projections for the following week) for next week’s projections. I'm guessing it should be easy to do.


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avatarkslight  6/4/2013 10:56 AM

This is actually more work than it would appear.  I can see the benefits in allowing users to pick the return date, but in addition to injuries, we also have projected lineups for any given day.  So in the case of Middlebrooks, you could turn him on for Saturday, but the lineup wouldn't have him projected as a starter.  For now, it's probably easiest to just alert us if you see any players that have know return dates that we have incorrect.



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