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avatarConstantine9  6/6/2013 8:37 AM

So back in the long, long ago, when Domonic Brown supposedly was the next big thing, what did scouts/analysts/smart people think his ceiling was? Was he expected to be a power/speed 20/20 combo with a low average, a power hitter with 30 HR potential, someone with modest power who would hit for average, or what? I stuck with him all year and he might be saving my season with Giancarlo and Bryce DL'd.

He's on pace for 48 HRs, which I don't expect. I'd be happy with 17 more, which would put him at 35. But heck, he could slow down his pace from the last three weeks and still hit 40. Everybody talks about how he didn't walk in May, but really, he didn't need to. He's already walked twice in June.

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avatarmbuser   6/6/2013 11:36 AM

Most scouting reports called for a very good power/speed combo, good defense, and a passable average. More of a "counting stats" player (20/20 type) than a slugger. His numbers per 162 games in the minors: 33 2B, 7 3B, 18 HR, 32 SB, .296/.373/.461. Interesting stat, from yesterday:

Domonic Brown's home run today went 364 feet. His average home run distance this season is 377.6 feet, 2nd lowest in MLB (min. 10 HR).

They say he's changed his swing and his approach, and power can often be the last thing to develop. His raw skills have never been in question, even while he's struggled at the MLB level.

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