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avatarhegotsgame  8/4/2013 1:54 PM

Not sure what rights issues would be implicated by this request (and not sure to what extent it's been made before) -- but the ultimate, game-changer feature for me would be the ability to use zips or steamer projections -- including the monthly (?) updates issued throughout the year, as rest of season projections. What is the easiest way to upload such projections (if gotten through fangraphs, say) and have them displayed as rest of season projections?


thanks for running a fantastic site (here and over at basketballmonster, of course).

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avatarkslight  8/4/2013 3:53 PM

We haven't looked into publishing that data here, but we can check that.  For now, it should be pretty simple to take their projections and convert them into a format that we can accept.  Here's the custom projections page with instructions.

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avatarhegotsgame  8/4/2013 5:43 PM

Thanks for the reply.

If I complete and upload that way, can I use the uploaded projections as "rest of season" projections?  

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avatarkslight  8/4/2013 6:35 PM

Yes, if you have "Use Custom Projections" checked along with "Remaining Projections" selected, they will show up.


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