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avatarandrewfr  8/10/2013 2:34 PM
I have david wright in two leagues, both 12 team h2h, so I have 2 questions... First league, I have a playoff spot locked up, and almost guaranteed a first week bye, so im really only concentrating on the last 3 weeks of the year. I just picked up aramis ramirez, and I was offered to get machado for mujica. Free agents include a rod, dominguez, wallace, and not much else. Can I count on a ram the last month of the season? Dont feel good about it. 2nd league, I have a rod and nolan arenado as stop gaps, and as long as my team doesnt crash and burn ill have a playoff spot. The wire is a bit deeper in this league, guys like dominguez, wallace, rendon, plouffe, nunez, profar, fraizer, etc. Slim pickings still... What are my best options here, and should I be trying to make a trade, or are there anyone here that is an ok replacement?
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avatarmbuser   8/11/2013 9:58 PM

Obviously it's a crapshoot with Aramis. Machado would clearly be a more desirable option. Your best option in the second league is to just play the hot hand, nobody really stands out. If you have strength from which to trade, it doesn't sound like a bad idea.

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