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avatarMetsox  3/4/2014 7:45 PM
I am in a 5x5 keep 6 with no cost that uses OBP/SLG and QS+CG rather than ba, hr, and wins. I have the second pick this year. Trout is a keeper but according to the BM output Kershaw (1.89 z) is the best pick after Cabrera, an evaluation I definitely agree with, though it doesn't jibe all that well with the typical draft advice to avoid pitchers in the first round. Here is my question. I have been offered a trade of the third pick in the fourth round to move up from the seventh pick to the second in the first round. Should I do it? Specifically, what is the right way to think about this trade? I figure I will get a player with a Z score in our format around 1.20 with the seventh pick. Int he fourth round I should get someone around a Z-score of .2, although a guy like Uehara or Holland could easily fall. Obviously, 1.89 is more than 1.4. But I don't think I can assume a zero as my replacement level on the Kershaw side of the equation. Should I be looking down to guys i think will be waiver wire fodder and see how they rate to calculate an appropriate replacement level for the Kershaw half of this transaction? Or should I just plug a zero in? Thanks for your thoughts in advance....
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avatarmbuser   3/8/2014 12:31 PM

Is this a 2-for-1? Does he get a last-round pick in exchange for giving you two picks?

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avatarMetsox  3/8/2014 4:04 PM

Already drafted and I took Kershaw. I could have taken Choo at 7 or Felix or Cliff. The top of the fourth round looks like Medlen, Minor or Zimmerman or maybe Marte/Beltran

I should have done it I think, Didn't expect that much talent to be there. In love with Kershaw though.....

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avatarliam4  3/8/2014 9:34 PM

Could be wrong, but if kershaw is in the same stratosphere as last couple years, you should be very happy.  I would go kershaw over Hernandez and medlen in a heartbeat

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