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avatartheodog  3/11/2014 1:25 AM

Hey guys, I love this site for basketball and for in-season daily/weekly baseball management.  In drafts for season-long leagues, however, I think the player valuation system is missing some important features. RPs tend to be ranked too high and vice versa for MI and C, yadda, yadda that's been posted here before. Those conversations tend to trail off though so I thought I'd try a different approach and try and come up with some solutions. Sorry for such a long post, but I really want this to be my one stop shop because BM gets so much right, there are so many awesome features, and you guys are great at customer service.

1a) Problem: Too many RPs in the relevant player pool. Fix: Allowing the user to weight categories. Allow us to adjust how much we weight each category in the league settings page. Adjusting WHIP (e.g. 70%) and ERA (e.g. 85%) down pushes those pesky non-closer RPs down (in leagues that don't count holds).

1b) Problem: Too many SPs crowding the first several rounds when you sort on Value. Fix: Incorporate hit/pitch $ splits into the Value ranking. Just break it into a %, like 69/31 or whatever.

2) Problem: I tried sorting on $ to push down the SPs crowding the 1st round and pull up MI/C. This helps, but the sorts quit being meaningful after the $ amount reaches $0; they appear to be ranked randomly after $0. Fix: Let players be valued at negative dollars instead of bottoming out at $0, this will at least make players past the final active roster spot sort meaningfully.

3) PosV adjustments seem to be way too large to be useful as a ranking sort. How are these calculated exactly? Temporary fix: Would it be possible to allow us to set our own PosV values to dial in values that feel right?

#4 I think is the biggest issue and if fixed might take care of #2 and #3. However, it is probably also not an easy implementation before more drafts get underway.

4) Problem: C and MI are ranked way too low - you have to start them! And again, there are too many RPs crowding the relevant player pool.  Fix: The draft pool really needs to include the minimum amount of players at each position. For example, one of my 12 team leagues has 18 active players and we start 1 C so I'd expect there to be 12 Cs in the top 216. Most draft software/valuation systems take your active roster requirements and constructs a player pool such that all positions are filled for each team and then the next best X # of players regardless of position are included for utility spots.  The $280 budget or whatever total value number you use is then spread amongst this pool of players. This would ensure weak positions are ranked in line with the fact that they will be drafted, and the valuation system won't act like you can start an infinite number of RPs.

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avatarjricha06  3/11/2014 9:38 AM

I have one question which falls inline to the discussion in regards to weighting of cats:

Question: How are WHIP and ERA value calculated? Does this take into account IP because the effect of a starter with the same ERA as a RP would factor in differently to overall fantasy team's ERA


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avatarkslight  3/11/2014 12:09 PM

Yes, the ERA, WHIP, and other ratio categories we weighted by innings. For point #1 below, you can currently set a weight for each category. I'll read over the other ones again today and respond to those too. Thanks

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avatarmbuser   3/11/2014 12:21 PM

For the category weights, on the League Settings page:

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avatarliam4  3/11/2014 6:11 PM

just some comments:

i would approach the rankings and player values from three distinct and separate categories:  (1) hitters; (2) SP; (3) RP.  The values aren't necessarily meant to indicate whether you should take a hitter over a SP or a RP.  With that insight, I was much more satisfied with the information provided.

Use it to figure out which hitters you want in the top two rounds, and who's undervalued in late rounds.  Use it to decide what pick Kershaw would be worth to you, or when to make sure you don't miss out on the next tier of pitchers.  Use it to figure out if you want to put a positional premium on middle infield, catchers, and whether to wait on 1B.  For me, I always wait on RP except for maybe Kimbrel or Jansen, and you can figure out whether it's worth an early round pick.

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