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avatartjabshire  3/20/2014 2:41 AM

When I project standings for my league, the points for OBP are not accurate. It's giving 10 points (out of 10 teams) to a guy who should be in the middle of the pack, and everything from there just seems equally as random with no correlation to anything. The value shading is also off, with some .340's red while some .330's are bright green.

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avatartjabshire  3/20/2014 2:43 AM
ORANGE JHOULYS66478107684571495751376740.3414,933813.521,177.91.231,031104
BIG LEAGUE CHOO62121079778741355301526070.3474,613863.531,206.41.201,12193
VANDELAY INDUSTRIES6110518101042101188566616110.3384,3971123.731,572.91.271,3870
Your Team MY DAY JOB6023943310106101435551425750.3444,347733.331,079.11.171,067137
SPORTING WOOD575942849736150582735300.3374,143753.451,050.81.2098197
MY WIFE THE TRAMP5481059612319170606756320.3544,505583.74866.81.24740122
TWINKIES FOR SANDOVAL539426493592185565665930.3344,4841043.741,508.61.231,22414
SACKO .477833581183168580675310.3304,256933.751,333.61.271,13236
WILIN TO STEAL453161256948146456804580.3193,841763.551,092.41.19993119
TAINTED SAMPLE4566751256251535741065840.3454,481713.671,016.71.2292594

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avatarkslight  3/20/2014 7:17 AM

Your OBP standings values and colors are correct now. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for letting us know.

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