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avatarjrbutler.iii  3/23/2014 4:41 PM

Can you please add Wins per 9 as a stat.  Basically the same issue as Ks vs K/9 in a roto league with innings cap.  Relievers are getting negative z-scores for wins when in many scenarios they are gaining wins at a better rate than many starters.  I thought winning % could be a potential alternative but it doesn't work:

Ex: 2013 Koji Uehara =.80 winning %, but really only won 4 games in 70+ innings last year (bad w/9)

 Currently there are no other alternatives that would work to show actual winning efficiency for a roto innings cap league.  Prime example of the issue I speak of:

EX: 2013 Wainwright and Zimmermann both had 19 wins and the same z-score, only it took Wainwright nearly 30 more innings than Zimmermann to get 19 wins.

EX: 2013 Kershaw had 16 wins in 236 IP (roughly .61 wins per 9) with a top 10 z-score for wins.  On the other hand Joe nathan had 6 wins in 64 IP (roughly .84 wins per 9), with a negative z-score.

No beef with the "wins" value category, just looking for an alternative that adjusts value for the innings cap leagues.  In the above examples, in terms of the 'wins' category alone, Zimmermann and Nathan were the more efficient plays (per game value doesn't adjust for this either) per inning.

You could use the same formula as K/9 just replace W totals with Ks obviously.  The higher the decimal value, the higher the z-score.


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avatarkslight  3/23/2014 5:25 PM

Sure, we can give this a shot and should have it ready for tomorrow.

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avatarjrbutler.iii  3/23/2014 7:19 PM

You're the best Kslight!

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avatarkslight  3/24/2014 5:40 AM

This category has been added, and let me know if you have any questions about it.

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avatarliam4  3/24/2014 8:19 AM

Thanks Ken.  Your responsiveness to the community and ability to quickly implement changes are amazing.

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avatarkslight  3/24/2014 8:30 AM

Luckily some things are easier than others :)

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avatarjrbutler.iii  3/24/2014 9:18 AM

Like the stat so far, def seeing plenty of good value correction here.

Trying to understand some things with the weighting for a few value instances as innings increase.  I'll start with 2013 rankings; though there were no players I would consider individual category killers, I'm going to label these guys category killers just to describe this situation.

Cole Hamels   8 wins, 220IP, .33 w/9, -2.82 z-score (the worse in player universe based on "all players" player filter)

Jason Grilli     0 wins  50IP,      0 w/9, -1.35 z-score

Confused why Jason Grilli's z-score isn't much worse/why Cole Hamels was more than 2x worse than Grilli.


For the rest of the instances I'll use the 2014 projections for each case:

Strasburg is the #1 SP for this stat with a .71 (15 wins, 193.4IP) and is tied for 3rd overall.

 Paco Rodriguez of the Dodgers is a few ticks below Strasburg in the overall rankings with 1.00 (4 wins, 40.1IP).  

my GUESS is that this has something to do with hitting a "SP" innings plateau in which it becomes extremely hard to sustain a .71 w/9 based on the rest of the projections for the player universe.  


Michael Wacha is projected 14 wins in 185.5 IP with a .67 w/9 , z-score is positive 1.20

Mike Minor is projected       14 wins in 188.5 IP with a .65 w/9, z-score is positive .65

3 innings saved/ .02 hundreths are worth almost double the value? seems almost negligible in case like that one.  


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avatarkslight  3/24/2014 10:27 AM

The Wacha/Minor difference does seem off so I will take a look.

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