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avatarConstantine9  3/21/2013 10:44 PM

Seems like no matter what I click under comparison column, the stats shown are always the projected 2013 numbers. I'd like to be able to switch back and forth from that to the 2012 total season numbers, but clicking and saving 2012 season under the comparison column doesn't change anything. Does this function work? Despite this, I think I love this thing.

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avatarmbuser   3/22/2013 12:16 AM

This is functioning as it is currently intended - you will always see the projected stats, while the comparison column (note the singularity) shows the z-score of the designated timeframe for comparison.

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avatarkslight  3/22/2013 6:56 AM

Yes, the Comparison Column section only affects one column in the output, CompV.  This shows the Value for each player using the selected source (2012, Past Days, Projections).  The overall page always uses the projections.  We include Projections as one of the comparison columns in case you want to viiew Projected Total Value for drafting and also show the Projected Per Game as a comparison.


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