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avatarmmassmedia  4/21/2014 10:34 PM

When I was drafting roto it is pretty straight forward. I thought I had the H2H figured out. Now I am looking back and realizing the I might have messed up the way I had the setting set up.

When looking at H2H what is the best way to look at players. After seeing a comment early today, it looks like I should be look on a per game. But I seem to get 2 different rating depending on what page I am on.

Just feel lost trying to anylize h2h.

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avatarkslight  4/21/2014 10:53 PM

Which two pages are showing different results?

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avatarmmassmedia  4/21/2014 11:08 PM

Stats dispay type and value display type on the team analyze page. The values are drastically different which I guess makes since. But the value change when I have one per game and one overall. As well it seems to change when i go to trade analyze and when just looking at team projection. I could be wrong on this as I am just a little frustrated with myself right now as it appears I miss understood how to use the site when i was doing h2h stuff.

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avatarmbuser   4/22/2014 1:00 AM

You want the stats and value displays to match. If you are going to mix them, then select the other as the Comparison Column.

What moves are you lamenting? What are you now thinking you would have done differently if you had to do it all over again?

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avatarmmassmedia  5/5/2014 6:47 PM

I think I figured out what some of the issue's where. I was going between 2 leagues and had punts in one.

But I just posted my lineup in a trade question post and it has the majority of my line up ranked higher than when I see them in the Team Analysis. Why is that. Shows Arenaldo as a 10th rounder but in team analysis it says 21st round.


Buser, When I was drafting my head to head leagues I just wish I would have known to set the per game up instead of the complete season. Didn't realize that setting is much better for that. My issue is in my 2 H2H league when I had projecting of 6.5 - 3.5 win/losses but haven't got close. Now one of those shows me with a losing record. I skipped out on SP trying to punt K's W's and SB's. I think I missed a lot of value with my misunderstanding of the per game vs complete season. I am not giving up just using what I know now to try to make some savvy trades. As well I should prob just stick to roto. lol


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