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avatarCoppernob  3/22/2013 6:41 PM

I have used Fantistics software to handle my draft for many years, but as anyone who has ever tried using software during a yahoo draft has discovered, keeping up with selections really impedes with forward planning. So when I heard of Baseball Monster I was intrigued.

I became a member and here are my first impression and suggestions.

First things first, I was VERY impressed with Bob's quick reaction to emails, and tech support. I doubt that he is sleeping more than four hours a night in this period, so it is appreciated.

First of all the good things:

- The API and connection with Yahoo worked. It dropped once but it took me 30 secs to reconnect

- I love the fact that i can import my projections,

Just these two items makes the draft assistant worth its price. It gives me time to concentrate on other things.

What would i like to see in future:

- Bob kindly allowed importing the comments column - very useful as i had them all in one file. What I would also like is a numerical column that i can import and then sort by. In this column i could but any numerical value i want like my ranking or Outfield Assists (dont ask, our Commish thought it was a "fun" category...)

- I like the flags for injury column. How about a column that i can put a thumbs up (I value the player highly) or a thumbs down (i should avoid player)

- My biggest frustration (but maybe i do not know the software) is that it was difficult to quickly rank by position. At the beginning of every draft one chooses players as "best available" but as the draft progresses i want to quickly see remaining 2bs or RPs. I found myself removing all the checks, and selecting one, but then having to quickly add all the positions to find the best batters left. My siggestion: Use a tab per position and include a tab for "all Batters". Alternatively (and it should be an easy fix)  if tabs slow down the web page then add a box "all batters" 

-  Now i have finished the draft. Why can't I use the same API to pick up mine, and all the other teams in my league and use that for analysis?

I think this product has a bright future. 

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avatarmbuser   3/22/2013 7:18 PM

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. To your last point, you should see the Yahoo! Import option on the bottom of the Team Players page, and that should work for importing all rosters as soon as your draft is done.

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