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avatarliam4  5/1/2014 9:57 AM

Thought I'd throw up my entry today, as had been done last year.  Ramirez probable to play so will check that

ValuePlayer PosTeamOppSalary
17.52Estrada, MarcoSPMIL@CIN $9,800
20.84Santana, ErvinSPATL@MIA $11,000
6.32d'Arnaud, TravisCNYM@COL (Nicasio R) R Ord 7 $2,300
9.56Votto, Joey1BCINMIL (Estrada R) L Ord 2 $4,000
8.18Infante, Omar2BKCTOR (Buehrle L) R Ord 2 $4,000
8.60Jeter, DerekSSNYYSEA (Elias L) R Ord 2 $2,900
7.98Ramirez, Aramis3BMIL@CIN (Bailey R) R Ord 4 $3,500
9.88Beltran, CarlosOFNYYSEA (Elias L) S Ord 3 $3,900
9.21Gomez, CarlosOFMIL@CIN (Bailey R) R Ord 1 $4,700
9.66Soriano, AlfonsoOFNYYSEA (Elias L) R Ord 4 $3,800
107.75Total  10 $49,900

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avatarkslight  5/1/2014 10:16 AM

I'll spend a little less on pitching and hope Kuroda can handle SEA:

15.99Kuroda, HirokiSPNYYSEA $7,100
20.84Santana, ErvinSPATL@MIA $11,000
7.99Perez, SalvadorCKCTOR (Buehrle L) R Ord 6 $3,600
8.57Encarnacion, Edwin1BTOR@KC (Guthrie R) R Ord 4 $3,800
7.25Gennett, Scooter2B/SSMIL@CIN (Bailey R) L Ord 2 $4,000
8.80Reyes, JoseSSTOR@KC (Guthrie R) S Ord 1 $4,000
8.48Longoria, Evan3BTB@BOS (Doubront L) R Ord 4 $4,700
9.88Beltran, CarlosOFNYYSEA (Elias L) S Ord 3 $3,900
8.64Bruce, JayOFCINMIL (Estrada R) L Ord 4 $4,000
7.83Davis, KhrisOFMIL@CIN (Bailey R) R Ord 6 $3,900
104.27Total 10 $50,000

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avatartop40tom  5/1/2014 3:18 PM

wasn't sold on Ervin Santana after Miami belted Atlanta pitching in the first two games. He's probably due to come down to earth a bit just like Harang did.

ValuePlayer PosTeamOppSalary
19.30Bailey, HomerSPCINMIL $7,400
16.10Tillman, ChrisSPBALPIT $8,700
17.49Mauer, JoeC/1BMINLAD (Haren R) L Ord 2  Confirmed Lineup$4,400
8.11Teixeira, Mark1BNYYSEA (Elias L) S Ord 5  Confirmed Lineup$4,200
8.58Cano, Robinson2BSEA@NYY (Kuroda R) L Ord 3  Confirmed Lineup$4,700
8.56Jeter, DerekSSNYYSEA (Elias L) R Ord 2  Confirmed Lineup$2,900
8.59Wright, David3BNYM@COL (Nicasio R) R Ord 3 $4,300
16.23Kemp, MattOFLAD@MIN (Pelfrey R) R Ord 5  Confirmed Lineup$4,400
19.16McCutchen, AndrewOFPIT@BAL (Norris R) R Ord 3  Confirmed Lineup$4,600
9.66Soriano, AlfonsoOFNYYSEA (Elias L) R Ord 4  Confirmed Lineup$3,800
131.78Total  10 $49,400

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