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avatarab05xp  5/20/2014 12:36 PM

Hey everyone, need some serious advice on this trade proposed to me

Ive been offered Yordano Ventura and Alex Gordon for Justin Upton 

Categories : runs, hits, HR, RBI, BB, SB, K, AVG.... wins, losses, saves, Ks, era , whip

Im in a 10 Team H2H Dyasty League (KEEP 10 players)

Heres My Team as of Today

C: Y. Molina

1: B. Posey

2: D. Pedroia

3: E. Longoria

IF: M. Cabrera

OF OF OF OF: G. Stanton, Justin Upton , Melky Cabrera, A. Eaton, A. Jackson

Utl: J. Kipnis

?SP SP SP SP: J. Verlander, C. Hamels, M. Cain, M. Minor, T. Bauer, W. Peralta, A. Bradley

RP: S. Romo, S. Chisek



?All commenst are appreciated!! ill help you with yours as well if you want


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avatarjphanned   5/20/2014 12:39 PM

I'd definitely stay put here - Upton is by far the best player in this deal, and Ventura/Gordon don't offer you nearly enough by way of depth to make this deal worth it.

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avatarab05xp  5/20/2014 3:13 PM

Thanks for the reply

my thinking here is what is so special about Justin upton? He's been a disappointment the past 3 seasons and is looking like he may never live up to the hype of the number 1 overall pick.. Ventura has the makings of a future ace (pending his arm doesn't explode like everyone's these days).. And Alex Gordon is still a solid #2-3 outfielder


anyone else got any thoughts?

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avatarmmassmedia  5/21/2014 12:54 AM

I think I agree with you here Ab. Your lineup is pretty stacked anyway. Upton is good as long as the month is April. Seems that way at least. Ventura is an ace baring injury. Then you can platoon the 2 of spots with what you have left. I think you might be able to get more for Upton might be the only reason to think twice. Someone is sure to overvalue him more than this trade gives.

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