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avatarmichaelu76  5/22/2014 6:42 AM

I get Matt Adams and give up Erving Santana.  I also just pulled Springer off waivers and dropped James Loney.  Thoughts?



12 Teams | 10 Hitters Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] | 8 Pitchers Per Team [5 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO]

190.80Braun, Ryan MILOF102 391601186039820.30219120.970.830.250.631.32
2160.62Upton, Justin ATLOF1085/22/2014 12:52 AM Justin Upton went 3-for-4 with a double and an RBI in Wednesday's 6-1 loss to the Brewers.4207111655511080.2772181.280.37-0.151.71-0.11
3280.36Wright, David NYM3B105 392541165846760.29514110.190.580.160.000.89
4410.18Rios, Alex TEXOF107 392451135722670.2881122-0.380.501.22-0.940.52
662-0.13Calhoun, KoleLAAOF975/21/2014 5:54 PM Angels activated OF Kole Calhoun from the 15-day disabled list.

5/21/2014 5:28 PM Kole Calhoun has returned to the Angels starting lineup on Wednesday.404671074240830.264137-0.05-0.80-0.221.31-0.87
665-0.16Cespedes, Yoenis OAKOF104 384491005531890.2601860.780.35-0.32-0.55-1.08
670-0.22Utley, Chase PHI2B95 362501014835540.278137-0.09-0.21-0.30-0.45-0.04
671-0.25Lucroy, Jonathan MILC/1B98 349441015231480.290115-0.390.10-0.52-1.020.57
889-0.41Davis, Rajai DETOF90 31138843419610.272537-1.40-1.452.77-1.64-0.31
895-0.44Arenado, Nolan COL3B98 355411035219520.28992-0.720.10-0.82-1.280.53
999-0.45Lind, Adam TOR1B94 32145884532690.2751500.31-0.53-0.96-0.88-0.18
10113-0.58Cabrera, Everth SDSS104 410511072841890.261332-1.82-1.952.23-0.31-1.06
10119-0.63Loney, James TB1B109 389441094730490.27981-0.94-0.38-0.84-1.020.01
  -1.30Avg Stats/Total Values   1312 4,8796581,3626334359260.279162150-2.26-2.472.49-4.440.20
1120.50Price, David TBSP23 154.3143585436141143.141001.160.76-0.590.730.561.07
2150.43Sanchez, Anibal DETSP23 143.0128555042139133.181101.180.98-0.590.530.201.01
2180.35Wacha, MichaelSTLSP/RP215/21/2014 9:19 PM Michael Wacha suffered a contusion of his right elbow after being hit by that foul ball.132.8115524840129133.221001.170.82-0.590.350.450.74
3250.14Shields, James KCSP24 160.6151656044139153.361001.210.73-0.59-0.15-0.291.02
3270.11Santana, Ervin ATLSP225/22/2014 12:50 AM Ervin Santana struggled for the second consecutive outing as he allowed six runs on nine hits, including two home runs, and four walks with just two strikeouts over seven innings in the loss to the Brewers on Wednesday.149.7134645940123153.531001.160.83-0.59-0.800.540.57
549-0.08Ventura, Yordano KCSP22 129.9107575247126143.62901.190.41-0.59-0.980.120.66
661-0.21Frieri, Ernesto LAARP49 49.4392119216773.463231.22-1.461.65-0.17-0.11-0.96
669-0.31Street, Huston SDRP47 46.1362119124263.773201.05-1.541.41-0.520.73-1.62
10110-0.56Keuchel, Dallas HOUSP/RP22 151.5160656042126153.54801.330.23-0.59-0.84-2.290.67
12144-0.69Motte, Jason STLRP32 32.426121193333.17311.08-1.63-0.490.130.41-1.87
  -0.31Avg Stats/Total Values   286 1,149.71,0404704323331,0651163.3877441.190.12-1.57-1.720.321.28

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avatarjyang61107  5/22/2014 7:51 AM

Not much of a big upgrade to your 1B maybe you can do better?

Great job on the springer add due to his high ceiling.

Update 5/27/14: He is BEAST-ING NOW. Good job on the trade.

Update: Such bad timing. I'm a athlete too and a hip flexor strain took me out for 1 month at least to rest and 1 month to rehab.  Maybe they will have better conditioning or better genetics.

George Springer suffered a right hip flexor strain in Wednesday's loss to the Angels.

Springer sustained the injury when he was picked off at first base in the top of the ninth inning by Angels starter Jered Weaver. Astros GM Jeff Luhnow told reporters after the game that the initial strength tests were "better than anticipated," but the young outfielder could still be looking at a 15-day disabled list stint. He hit his fourth home run of the season on Wednesday night and had been settling into an offensive groove this month after a sluggish April.

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