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avatarKromerica  5/27/2014 3:27 PM

So I'm attempting to set up a Solver that will give me the highest projected points, but I'm running into a problem coming up with the constraints due to players having multiple position eligibility.

I've been able to come up with pretty good lineups using players that don't have multiple position eligibility, but I know I'm leaving some points on the table every night.

My first thought was to create a macro that would make a duplicate row below each player that has multiple positions.  The first row would then contain the first position and the created row would contain the second position.  I'm pretty bad at VBA so that isn't the most ideal approach, but I know it could be done that way.

Does anyone have any insight on this situation?  Avoiding VBA would be the best solution big smile

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avatarkslight  5/27/2014 8:23 PM

I think your idea of creating a separate player row for each position is the easiest way to address it (and probably the easiest to follow). We haven't attempted a lineup optimization routine yet, but that's in the plans. Sorry we couldn't be more help here but hopefully soon we can offer some suggestions. I know our basketball users created their own algorithms using our projections if you'd like to browse those message boards.

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avatardoink31  5/29/2014 3:18 PM

If you go the extra row route, you just end up with the model selecting the player in two spots and then need to eliminate one and run again.  I would think you would not be losing anything by just making duel pos players default to the positions that tend to be most thin (middle infield and C).  

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