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avatar#28271  6/30/2014 2:48 PM

Just curious..

Does anyone know if a program that allows you to schedule a player add/drop has been developed?

This would be especially useful for streaming pitchers. Generally after games start player adds/drops are not reflected until the next day. For example, if the first games start at 1:07pm one day and you were streaming one pitcher, you could set the program to make a move (drop Pitcher A, add Pitcher B) at 1:08pm. This would eliminate the need to be at a computer to make these moves.

Something like this would be most useful in Daily Fantasy Baseball and Basketball leagues where all players can be added/dropped at any time.

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avatarjyang61107  6/30/2014 3:04 PM

You would probably need a macro to do that for you.  

All we can do now is make waiver claims and wait for them to process at a their waiver claim time.

Would greatly help for the teams that have rolling waiver claims on same day.


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