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avatarholty85  8/22/2014 5:46 PM

The team's owner couldn't handle the expectations that managers be active & plugged in. This is a 10 man dynasty(keep everyone) yahoo 6X6 H2H league. we currently have 2 minor league slots(his minor leaguers are Sano & Buxton) but we will be adding 3 more slots at start of next year to give a 5 man farm system. You can play for free the rest of this year. You would need to pay next years entry fee of $50 right now though, the reason for that is we required every team to pay 2 years up front $50X2 = $100....the previous owner was not refunded for this season(thus u get to play it out for free) but he was refunded for 2015, which is why we are requiring payment upfront for next year. Payouts are as follows: $250 playoff champ, $150 2nd place playoff, $50 playoff 3rd place, & $50 reg season winner. If you have more questions feel free to msg me


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