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avatarGreenDrake  3/7/2015 10:40 PM

Ken can users add custom dollar values?

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avataratreboutat  3/8/2015 12:24 AM

On top of that, can users add the dollar value that a player was bought for in the Draft Tracker?

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avatarkslight  3/8/2015 9:23 AM

You can customize dollar values here:

These will then show up rather than our calculated dollar values.

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avataratreboutat  3/11/2015 3:04 AM

Are we able to track the dollar value of our drafted players? That way we can keep track of our budget and what's left?


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avatarkslight  3/11/2015 6:30 AM

The only provider we can import dollars for is Yahoo! Which provider are you using?

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avataratreboutat  3/11/2015 7:51 AM

Unfortunately ESPN. Could we be able to manually add dollars to drafted players?

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avatarkslight  3/11/2015 11:40 AM

I'll look at upgrading some of these auction features and try to not add too much complexity to the page.

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avatartremajj  3/12/2015 6:19 AM

We create our own salaries.  Is there a way to upload salaries for a lot of players rather than one at a time?

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avatarkslight  3/12/2015 8:04 AM

I'll look into a bulk import for auction values.

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avatarsautah  3/13/2015 7:08 PM

Along with the there a way for me to enter keeper auction values pre draft and have the values of available players adjusted accordingly?

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avatarkslight  3/13/2015 8:07 PM

Currently the keeper prices are not taken into account, but I'll see if I can change that as part of the auction upgrades.

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avatarsautah  3/13/2015 10:24 PM

Great, thanks!

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avatarsautah  3/18/2015 12:46 PM

Hello all,

I was just taking a look at my league (10 team, NL only, auction, $200 salary cap, 3 keepers/team, salary increases 20% each yr kept). I've determined that there is about $225 of value ((individual projected value - individual keeper salary)* 30 kept players) being kept which comes out to approximately 11% of over all $2,000 outstanding to be spent.  Ideally, I could enter in the keeper salaries pre-draft and have every available player's projected value adjusted accordingly taking their positions into account.  As of right now, I'm just increasing the salary cap/team to $223 (11%).

If anyone has a better way for me to adjust for the extra money available during the auction I'm all ears.  I know that Ken is working on a possible way to do this, but I have my draft coming up and would like to be prepared with the best possible work around if the auction upgrade isn't ready in time.  Also, I've run into the exact same situation in my Basketball Monster fueled fantasy hoops league.

I've mentioned in the past that it would be extremely helpful for me to be able to see current salaries on the team analysis page.  Adding a check box and importing current salaries would be great.  Importing the salaries while "importing team players" seems like a relatively easy solution.  BTW, I'm using CBS in both basketball and baseball leagues.

Thanks in advance!

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avataratreboutat  3/20/2015 10:50 AM

Will the auction values be ready sometime today?

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avatarkslight  3/20/2015 10:59 AM

The dynamic updating of auction prices based on money already spent is the top priority, and I expect that to be ready shortly.

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