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avatarSonnyD1  3/8/2015 9:47 AM

First time doing an auction draft this year and one thing really stood out to me regarding the auction values of players on BBM. The values are generally MUCH lower than almost all of the other websites out there. I've been a long time BBM user and this site has won me plenty of championships so I won't even question it much, but I'm just curious as to the overall depressed values. I showed a friend of mine who's in the league some of my rankings and values and his comment was if I wait on those values I'll walk away with nobody. I'm assuming guys going for $15 in mainstream sites and valued at $1 here will give me the advantage I'm looking for and hence the value of BBM.

Now I realize that's what an auction is all about. The value is really what one is willing to pay. But the values seem a little "off" to me. I'll use this as an example, JD Martinez. A number of sites I've looked at have fairly similar projections for JD (a tad higher overall, but not much). Yet these sites have him pegged $15-$18 in a 10team AL only with $160 budget. On BBM he's at $4. Should the discrepancy in value be that far off even though the projections are only minimally different?

Again, just trying to make sure my settings are correct here and I'm not missing anything. Thanks for the help.

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avatarkslight  3/8/2015 9:51 AM

For our default $ values, we distribute the dollars among the top players based on their value.  During most drafts, there end up being a lot of $1 players towards the end.  To account for this, we allow you to enter a # of $1 hitters and pitchers which will push money towards the top.  I would play with these settings and find a balance that looks right for your league.

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