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avatarSchrocky79  3/8/2015 9:45 PM


Is this feature used live???? Does it sync to the Yahoo draft? 


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avatarkslight  3/9/2015 5:44 AM

Yes, this syncs with Yahoo! live drafts, and you can also use it with Yahoo! mock drafts.

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avataraapixie  3/9/2015 8:38 PM

Am I just missing something?

I do not see anywhere in the draft tracker to input my league information to sync it to my draft room. 

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avatarkslight  3/9/2015 8:49 PM

Draft tracking only works for Yahoo or CBS. Make sure your position source is set to one of those under League Settings.

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avataraapixie  3/9/2015 8:54 PM

Oh that's a bummer, all my leagues are ESPN. 

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avatarkslight  3/9/2015 9:17 PM

We may still add ESPN after some testing so keep tuned.

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avataraapixie  3/9/2015 9:42 PM

Good, I hope you do soon!

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avatarSchrocky79  3/10/2015 5:26 PM

Tried a mock draft. Noticed I had to keep refreshing software so it would update from the yahoo! draft. Is that normal or is there a way that your draft software will automatically refresh from the draft? Love the software it was just hard bouncing back from both pages didn't know if I was missing something. Thank you. 


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avatarkslight  3/10/2015 6:41 PM

Once you connect, you should only have to click Refresh from Yahoo! Do you have to do more than that?

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avatarbstanley52  3/11/2015 10:22 AM

Please add ESPN support! It looks like my league is switching from Yahoo to ESPN. Argh!

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avatarkslight  3/11/2015 11:38 AM

I'll be looking at this today, and if it can be done, it should be ready for the weekend.

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avatarbstanley52  3/11/2015 2:51 PM

That's great! Thanks so much.

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avataraapixie  3/12/2015 9:27 PM

If there's any way possible to get ESPN included, please do!

Thanks in advance.

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avatarkslight  3/12/2015 9:32 PM

This is ready and will be deployed tomorrow morning.  For now, this is only for snake drafts and not auctions.

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