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avatarMarlins821  4/6/2015 11:50 AM

This is my first year doing baseball. My projections show I am number 1 but i was wondering if maybe i have too many batters on my bench? should i drop them for some rp? not sure how to balance this out.

10 Teams | 10 Hitters Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] | 7 Pitchers Per Team [5 Active = SV ERA WHIP SO QS]

1421.06Giancarlo Stanton MIAOF154 5641051541071041860.27340122.251.58-0.061.92-0.36
21180.81Michael Brantley CLEOF154 6278919710552620.3141721-0.421.420.640.322.11
218130.66Jacoby Ellsbury NYYOF152 6509818574511070.2851550-0.60-0.632.891.260.35
767410.00Charlie BlackmonDay to Day - Probable - Charlie Blackmon said Monday his slight abdominal injury should heal well enough for him to make his Cactus League debut by midweek.COLOF142 5859716757311000.2861424-0.70-1.730.901.170.38
87245-0.03Matt Adams STL1B144 5707916294341310.2842330.350.68-0.75-0.690.27
98852-0.15Melky Cabrera CHWOF146 613871807646760.293145-0.73-0.44-0.570.170.80
1211764-0.29Eric Hosmer KC1B146 576751688843970.292145-0.740.30-0.57-1.100.69
1413471-0.35Daniel Santana MINSS/OF146 6249116863301420.269924-1.29-1.290.860.56-0.60
1716286-0.44Neil Walker PIT2B147 562781498452950.2642220.150.04-0.83-0.76-0.82
1817591-0.47Kyle Seager SEA3B154 5797515181601150.2612280.20-0.15-0.33-1.04-1.02
23227110-0.69Gregory Polanco PITOF138 5287613954521060.2631229-0.95-1.921.26-1.00-0.84
26254116-0.75Mark Trumbo ARI1B/OF139 5037012275411520.2422830.89-0.55-0.72-1.56-1.81
27268119-0.78Brian McCann NYYC138 513701277443860.2472700.82-0.59-0.97-1.56-1.60
33322130-0.87Pedro Alvarez PIT1B/3B138 4956511970471510.2412870.88-0.88-0.46-2.03-1.86
   -2.29Avg Stats/Total Values   2037 7,9891,1542,1871,1006861,6060.2742851920.10-4.171.28-4.33-4.33
   -0.55Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   1471 5,7838481,5888075071,1420.2752081480.55-1.611.80-0.78-2.70
21340.74Chris SaleInjured - broken right foot - is on the 15-day disabled list

Projected Return 4/12/2015

CHWSP314/5/2015 2:25 PM
White Sox place Chris Sale (foot) on the 15-day disabled list.
32160.57Adam WainwrightDay to Day - Probable - strained abdomen - is probable for Sunday's scheduled start against the Chicago CubsSTLSP324/5/2015 10:54 PM
Adam Wainwright, who spent this spring dealing with an abdominal issue, eased the minds of his owners as he cruised to his first victory of the 2015 season with six shutout innings against the Cubs on Sunday. He allowed just five hits with no walks and notched six strikeouts.
32270.55Craig Kimbrel SDRP70 70.13314132810631.69420.8601.831.661.34-0.72-1.34
327100.45Jordan Zimmermann WASSP34 221.0200777038187172.8701.0824-0.660.470.810.660.95
764250.02Sean DoolittleInjured - left shoulder surgery - is on the 15-day disabled list

Projected Return 5/1/2015

OAKRP58 58.2431514106842.13280.9100.990.910.90-1.37-1.34
765260.01Alex Wood ATLSP/RP32 197.0176716557187152.9801.1823-0.660.00-0.740.670.80
87630-0.06Anibal Sanchez DETSP31 189.7173686252169122.9601.1822-0.660.08-0.760.360.70
1514771-0.40Hector Rondon CHCRP69 69.4662624206263.11361.2301.49-0.17-0.50-1.48-1.34
59588422-1.45Nathan Eovaldi NYYSP32 187.3205888158137203.9001.4019-0.66-3.15-3.67-0.200.44
   0.42Avg Stats/Total Values   391 1,438.01,2705084673591,3461112.921061.131340.321.53-0.440.170.53
   0.41Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   332 1,379.81,2274934543491,2781072.96781.14134-0.670.62-1.341.551.87

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avatarkslight  4/6/2015 1:00 PM

You have 10 active hitters and 7 active pitchers with 6 bench?  Are you able to swap active pitchers each day?

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avatarMarlins821  4/6/2015 1:26 PM

Yes were able to switch pixtures each day.

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avatarMarlins821  4/6/2015 1:27 PM

And yes10 batters. 7 putchers 6 bench

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avatarkslight  4/6/2015 2:01 PM

Your hitters all look good.  I would stick with the current situation, and if you find there's a hitter that rarely leaves your bench, swap him for a top middle guy.  That'll help hold down the ERA/WHIP if you find the need.

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