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avatarmanbearpigs  3/20/2014 12:28 AM

I joined a 12 team league with six pitching slots (3SP, 2RP and 1P), a deep bench (8BE 3DL), 7 pickups per week, and a 14 GS limit for pitchers per week. The hitting roster is pretty standard, and scoring is 6x6 (standard 5x5 plus OPS and BAA) How should the pitching roster, bench and BAA affect my approach to drafting pitchers?

My thoughts:

  1. SP value is about the same as a usual format.
  2. RPs get a bump because of the limited slots and BAA. The draft tracker has Kimbrel 13th, (7th using positional value.)
  3. OPS widens the gap between the studs and the rest.

With that in mind, my strategy could be to ignore starters, load up on power early, but try to grab a few elite relievers earlier than I usually would. Am I reading this right? I'm really not sure how the other teams will approach starters either, so I don't know how the late rounds and waiver wire will look for streaming.

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avatarliam4  3/20/2014 12:48 PM

Agree that power is more important here, and elite relievers matter a bit more, but I'm not sure I follow why the limited slots enhance relief pitcher value?  The 14 GS limit is high, while 7 pickups limits streaming somewhat, so that's a lot of starters you could be rolling out there for W's and K's.

The danger in waiting on starters, in my view, is that unless you think you can punt W's and K's, you may be shooting for as many starts as you can each week.  It's tempting to go for elite relievers early, but you may be giving up all the elite ratio gains from those relievers with below average starters, who account for many more innings.

I haven't seen how pitchers rank with your system, and it's hard to know how the draft will go first time around.  But I'd take a close look at starting pitcher tiers and try to make sure I don't end up too deep.  At least in my experience, I haven't been able to win without an elite starting pitcher or two.

Don't let RP rankings mislead you, the 13 and 7 ranks should not indicate that's where you should draft them, especially the positional rankings for pitchers.  Purely a z-score, to be taken into account against other z-scores for tiering; I look at SP, RP and hitters separately.  Draft for value and based on how long you think guys will last on the board.

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avatarsilentjim   3/20/2014 12:56 PM

Agreed on all points. I'd look at ADPs vs value and try to balance that out. As Liam mentioned if Kimbrel should be ranked 7th, but he's not getting drafted until the 40s, just reach a little on him not a first round, which I think you know.

Draft for value. In the end getting deals and great sleepers will win you the league and taking advantage of your settings.

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avatarmanbearpigs  3/21/2014 8:30 AM

I drew a crappy 9th pick, but I think I did OK. I couldn't resist Kershaw at 16, and possibly grabbed Segura unnecessarily, but otherwise I'm pretty happy.


12 Teams | 12 Hitters Per Team [6 Active = HR RBI SB R BA OPS] | 6 Pitchers Per Team [6 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO OBA]

1110.96Tulowitzki, Troy COLSS138 506791529559850.3002730.9071.081.65-0.710.401.491.83
3270.51Posey, Buster SFC/1B147 536741618963810.3001920.857-0.051.30-0.840.001.581.10
4370.39Abreu, Jose CHW1B138 5157814082611070.2712850.8451.160.77-0.590.31-0.180.86
4390.35Zimmerman, Ryan WAS3B143 5719115871591250.2772450.8150.720.06-0.571.270.190.42
4410.29Butler, Billy KCDH159 5778016786651030.2891910.800-0.021.06-0.930.460.980.16
5490.15Marte, Starling PITOF139 5997816456301520.27415410.768-0.55-0.972.540.290.00-0.42
5500.09Segura, Jean MILSS149 636831795436930.28112400.731-0.92-1.042.470.710.50-1.18
5530.06Hill, Aaron ARI2B138 565821566646800.2772080.7940.11-0.26-0.300.580.190.05
5600.01Calhoun, Kole LAAOF136 5689515260571160.26819110.776-0.08-0.68-0.071.55-0.39-0.27
776-0.20Lind, Adam TOR1B/DH136 4986713375481050.2672210.7860.440.31-0.93-0.54-0.40-0.08
781-0.28Aoki, Norichika KCOF141 586821694952450.2897200.740-1.63-1.400.700.591.00-0.92
782-0.28Jackson, Austin DETOF146 5196114473511240.27812110.779-0.910.21-0.09-0.970.23-0.18
887-0.31Soriano, Alfonso NYYOF143 4956312267341320.24727110.7711.04-0.21-0.07-0.81-1.52-0.30
10110-0.50LaRoche, Adam WAS1B146 5066812568641280.2472220.7650.33-0.11-0.79-0.45-1.56-0.41
10116-0.51Infante, OmarKC2B130 545661586223570.289970.727-1.35-0.57-0.40-0.620.92-1.08
  0.68Avg Stats/Total Values   2129 8,2221,1452,2801,0527481,5330.2772831660.790-0.630.15-0.582.753.02-0.65
111.72Kershaw, Clayton LADSP33 232.2186797357237172.811701.040.2148681.50-0.682.832.951.632.08
1120.48Uehara, Koji BOSRP69 69.4522120138772.554340.940.204257-1.311.481.221.56-1.050.97
440-0.12Minor, MikeATLSP30 188.5172827550168203.581401.180.2377250.75-0.68-0.590.060.38-0.62
441-0.13Wacha, Michael STLSP30 185.5167807457172193.571401.210.2357120.77-0.68-0.55-0.420.47-0.38
550-0.25Veras, Jose CHCRP66 62.3482624276553.514241.210.209231-1.350.86-0.10-0.14-1.440.71
555-0.28Liriano, Francisco PITSP29 174.8152767074177163.591301.290.2286650.52-0.68-0.56-1.750.550.27
672-0.36Estrada, Marco MILSP27 161.2149736741150213.761101.180.2396220.21-0.68-
775-0.37Jones, Nate CHWRP65 68.0602725267053.294241.270.232260-1.350.860.19-0.54-1.35-0.06
779-0.39Crain, JesseHOURP57 54.7442220226053.314151.220.216205-1.440.260.13-0.18-1.530.42
10115-0.59Griffin, AJOAKSP28 172.9159847746142224.031101.190.2396670.20-0.68-2.07-0.12-0.07-0.78
11132-0.65Kennedy, Ian SDSP32 201.3189938665181233.841301.260.2427800.59-0.68-1.67-1.490.63-1.28
  -0.94Avg Stats/Total Values   465 1,570.91,3796646104771,5111593.50110971.180.2305,993-0.90-1.33-2.27-0.03-1.710.60

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