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avatarliam4  4/15/2014 1:08 PM

So I need a fifth starter (or a possible replacement for Shelby Miller if he continues to pitch poorly).  Been offered Mike Minor for my Jonathan Papelbon.

I'm not worried about finding closers on the wire, so the saves isn't my concern.  But Papelbon's ratios and K/9 are pretty good.  Would you guys take this?  Thanks in advance.


12 Teams | 10 Hitters Per Team $160 Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] | 8 Pitchers Per Team $100 Per Team [5 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO, 2 Punted = K/9 W/9]

170.830.83 0.00Davis, Chris BAL1B143 5428714390511770.2643742.641.67-0.721.48-0.89
2140.680.68 0.00Choo, Shin-Soo TEXOF140 5439715762921230.2891818-0.02-0.310.582.380.78
2240.350.35 0.00Beltran, Carlos NYYOF135 524741488444890.2822330.681.26-0.810.310.30
3270.320.32 0.00Pedroia, DustinBOS2B1424/15/2014 3:59 PM Update: Dustin Pedroia had cortisone shot on his left wrist and said he hopes to play on Wednesday.

4/15/2014 3:31 PM Dustin Pedroia (wrist) is not in the Red Sox starting lineup on Tuesday.

4/15/2014 11:42 AM Manager John Farrell is hopeful Dustin Pedroia will return to the lineup soon. Hopefully tomorrow he says.

4/14/2014 6:59 PM Dustin Pedroia (left wrist) will rejoin the team on Tuesday.547801607459620.2921015-1.030.560.250.850.98
4460.120.12 0.00Andrus, Elvis TEXSS143 578771646047900.283533-1.81-0.461.900.610.40
558-0.07-0.07 0.00Rizzo, Anthony CHC1B143 5307313769631070.2592551.030.19-0.570.19-1.20
559-0.09-0.09 0.00Rosario, Wilin COLC1204/15/2014 5:49 AM Wilin Rosario went 1-for-4 with a home run, two RBI, and a run scored against the Padres on Monday.4315712172201030.2802440.920.44-0.72-1.200.14
560-0.12-0.12 0.00Victorino, ShaneBOSOF1204/14/2014 7:14 PM Shane Victorino will begin a rehabilitation assignment with one of the club’s minor league affiliates later this week.497691375835720.2761422-0.59-0.600.85-0.19-0.09
662-0.14-0.14 0.00Calhoun, Kole LAAOF127 5288713952521090.2641710-0.07-1.01-0.181.45-0.87
670-0.22-0.22 0.00Venable, Will SDOF130 5276913857401270.2611723-0.16-0.650.95-0.19-1.06
776-0.30-0.30 0.00Miller, Brad SEA2B/SS134 5377314457471040.2681511-0.34-0.67-0.070.22-0.62
781-0.36-0.36 0.00Crawford, CarlLADOF120 514721424332870.2771119-0.96-1.640.650.15-0.02
9102-0.50-0.50 0.00Johnson, Chris ATL1B/3B128 4885414068301190.286122-0.740.14-0.87-1.520.52
  0.510.51 0.00Avg Stats/Total Values   1725 6,7899691,8708456131,3700.275228168-0.47-
  0.380.38 0.00Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   1320 5,2147481,4356444571,1280.2751791260.12-1.250.723.68-1.35
120.881.10 -0.23Darvish, Yu TEXSP274/14/2014 8:26 PM Yu Darvish sustained a cut on his right thumb in his last start, but he doesn't see it as an issue heading into Wednesday's scheduled start.172.8128666165215173.161201.1211.20.650.85-0.651.111.261.803.040.31
1120.580.53+0.05Greinke, Zack LADSP28 179.3159716645164163.301401.148.30.691.16-0.650.610.950.82-0.511.32
4460.02-0.05+0.07Papelbon, Jonathan PHIRP60 60.3532321156363.164311.139.40.55-1.281.740.390.39-1.130.31-0.73
335-0.150.06 -0.21Benoit, Joaquin SDRP61 60.2452220196753.01581.0710.10.70-1.03-0.010.600.73-1.050.590.57
333-0.170.07 -0.24Miller, Shelby STLSP28 165.1150726758159173.641301.268.70.690.92-0.65-0.72-1.100.720.011.32
448-0.19-0.08 -0.11Wood, Alex ATLSP/RP22 142.1130585449133123.411001.268.40.660.38-0.650.12-1.010.22-0.230.60
444-0.23-0.03 -0.20Melancon, Mark PITRP60 60.2542019145742.79561.138.50.75-0.95-0.210.910.35-1.26-0.070.99
888-0.52-0.27 -0.25Strop, Pedro CHCRP61 56.2452321255943.32481.269.50.68-1.13-0.050.16-0.36-1.210.330.39
13146-0.60-0.49 -0.10Hawkins, LaTroy COLRP61 58.3612724144163.764161.276.40.69-1.090.56-0.43-0.47-1.55-0.910.43
15176-0.69-0.59 -0.10Valverde, Jose NYMRP51 50.5462422194553.953151.298.10.57-1.400.51-0.58-0.49-1.48-0.21-0.46
16190-0.75-0.62 -0.13Morrow, Brandon TORSP22 131.0122656044115174.14901.277.90.640.09-0.65-2.08-0.99-0.13-0.670.09
  -1.83-0.38 -1.45Avg Stats/Total Values   482 1,136.09924724343681,1211093.4484841.208.90.67-3.47-0.740.09-0.75-4.261.684.82
  -3.09-1.92 -1.17Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   405 641.8576276254208608643.5647841.228.50.66-5.871.22-1.76-1.96-7.09-0.622.60


By the way, 5x5 roto, but I turn K/9 and W/9 on as punts to be able to take my innings cap into account, by looking at league value.

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avatarmbuser   4/15/2014 7:37 PM

If you aren't worried about replacing the SV then this one is a no-brainer. Minor is high-quality and the shoulder does not appear to be a concern.

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avatarliam4  4/16/2014 5:37 AM

Thanks for the advice, trade made.  Nice start from Shelby miller last night as well.  High hopes for my pitching staff.

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