Altuevo for cole hamels in search for some better piching .. good trade?

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avatarsonybomba (23 posts)  5/6/2014 7:30 AM

14 Teams | 10 Hitters Per Team [7 Active = H HR RBI SB R TB BA] | 8 Pitchers Per Team [5 Active = W ERA WHIP SO HLD, 2 Punted = SV L]

161.101.10 0.00Beltre, Adrian TEX3B122 466661408536600.3012212281.391.142.37-0.870.701.491.51
1100.900.90 0.00Jones, Adam BALOF129 4916513574241020.2742492361.031.631.46-0.060.561.81-0.15
2240.620.62 0.00Murphy, Daniel NYM1B/2B1265/6/2014 6:21 AM Daniel Murphy went 1-for-4 with a solo home run against the Marlins on Monday.517621545027750.2989162172.28-0.99-0.410.610.341.051.47
4540.090.09 0.00Butler, Billy KC1B128 466601296550840.2771401910.67-0.090.80-0.960.170.020.04
4550.070.07 0.00Altuve, Jose HOU2B121 515591443827630.2804291891.64-1.73-1.431.790.07-0.090.25
560-0.02-0.02 0.00Infante, Omar KC2B105 435541315320430.301861860.81-1.07-0.20-0.43-0.44-0.201.41
672-0.17-0.17 0.00Castro, Starlin CHCSS125 476461315724750.2759101920.80-0.890.140.02-1.210.04-0.08
683-0.22-0.22 0.00Aoki, Norichika KCOF114 470651333644400.2835151730.91-1.61-1.550.490.60-0.730.38
795-0.34-0.34 0.00Venable, Will SDOF103 4185410946311020.2621318184-0.58-0.27-0.780.73-0.44-0.27-0.78
8111-0.53-0.53 0.00Bruce, JayCINOF1045/5/2014 1:42 PM Jay Bruce has successful surgery Monday morning to repair torn meniscus in left knee.370509455421010.254205178-1.560.84-0.07-0.50-0.80-0.51-1.08
14189-1.42-1.42 0.00Pierzynski, A.J. BOSC91 32636883811510.26990133-1.96-0.92-1.45-0.91-2.06-2.34-0.31
15208-1.67-1.67 0.00Avila, Alex DETC101 31439763745970.243101125-2.69-0.80-1.50-0.87-1.82-2.66-1.37
  -1.57-1.57 0.00Avg Stats/Total Values   1370 5,2636571,4646333818920.2781471102,2312.74-4.74-2.62-0.97-4.33-2.401.30
  0.620.62 0.00Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   1165 4,5795681,2945422946940.2831181051,9286.99-4.79-1.050.40-1.710.783.75
140.420.61 -0.20Uehara, Koji BOSRP56 55.8411615107152.344270.9213-0.791.941.612.22-0.32-0.640.28
2260.160.17 -0.01Tazawa, Junichi BOSRP53 53.3511918115353.02511.17142-0.49-0.570.350.02-0.691.620.93
341-0.010.06 -0.07Choate, Randy STLRP52 25.822109102323.15421.21152-0.55-0.470.05-0.17-1.321.950.96
11141-0.10-0.31+0.21Estrada, Marco MILSP21 128.3116555132121173.56901.16050.85-0.66-1.460.240.74-0.86-1.00
8110-0.13-0.23+0.11Wood, Alex ATLSP/RP20 126.9114494542120113.22901.23040.83-0.66-0.02-1.290.70-0.86-0.34
13179-0.19-0.40+0.20Salazar, Danny CLESP21 120.3106494640129143.41901.22060.65-0.66-0.77-0.880.89-0.86-1.13
227-0.210.16 -0.37Romo, Sergio SFRP565/6/2014 6:04 AM Sergio Romo picked up his 10th save of the season after throwing a perfect 13th inning and preserving the Giants' 11-10 win over the Pirates on Monday.47.4401715104742.883281.0713-0.801.970.520.74-0.82-0.690.21
20268-0.26-0.50+0.25Burnett, A.J. PHISP24 146.0132585452145133.311001.26070.97-0.66-0.46-2.151.22-0.86-1.58
20269-0.32-0.50+0.18Haren, Dan LADSP23 131.2129595426110183.701001.18061.03-0.66-2.10-0.170.49-0.86-1.25
32438-0.60-0.80+0.20Colon, Bartolo NYMSP23 142.014862572594153.60901.22070.59-0.66-1.79-1.090.16-0.86-1.93
9117-0.66-0.25 -0.41Hawkins, LaTroy COLRP54 51.1532220123653.604191.2753-0.731.13-0.65-0.83-1.05-0.010.40
24324-0.72-0.59 -0.13Erlin, Robbie SDSP27 73.0723229215973.60501.2823-0.31-0.66-0.93-1.25-0.57-0.540.14
39533-1.26-1.26+0.01Stults, Eric SDSP24 143.015168623690153.92901.30070.84-0.66-3.32-3.010.07-0.86-1.91
  -3.88-3.84 -0.04Avg Stats/Total Values   452 1,244.11,1775164743261,0981323.4391771.2137592.09-1.28-9.00-7.62-0.51-4.35-6.22

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avatarkslight (2575 posts)  5/6/2014 8:37 AM

It looks like your two SD pitchers can go so I assume they are temporary players. Altuve is your best SB guy so are you willing to sacrifice that?

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avatarsonybomba (23 posts)  5/6/2014 9:16 AM

My two SD pitchers are streamers. I guess I am willing to sacrifice my only SB player since I am pretty weak in the SP position. I am also trying two trade aoki for ben revere to get some of the SB back.

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avatarkslight (2575 posts)  5/6/2014 9:36 AM

Looking at your settings, 5 out of the 7 pitching categories can be won using RP only so I'm not sure adding a starter is the best idea. I see you're punting SV and L even though you have some decent closers. To me, your settings are ideal for a punt W/K strategy. I imagine finding some decent RP isn't too hard in your league too. Have you considered this, or are any other owners are trying this?

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avatarsonybomba (23 posts)  5/6/2014 2:39 PM

Also just got offered Jacoby Ellsbury and coco crisp for billy butler and Jay bruce... I am guessing that's a no brainer to accept

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avatarkslight (2575 posts)  5/6/2014 3:13 PM

That's a pretty easy one to accept. You're losing a 1B, but it looks like you can move Murphy to 1B since you're loaded with 2B.

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