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avatarsevenam40  5/8/2014 1:35 PM

I got Cliff Lee and Everth Cabrera for Adrian Gonzalez and Alexei Ramirez. What do you guys think? 

12 Teams | 13 Hitters Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] | 9 Pitchers Per Team [5 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO]

190.93Gonzalez, Carlos COLOF1075/7/2014 11:17 PM Carlos Gonzalez homered, doubled, scored twice, and drove in a run in five at-bats of Wednesday's route of the Rangers.4146611867421060.28522181.331.090.810.860.55
2200.69Gonzalez, Adrian LAD1B123 458631347541850.2931920.831.75-0.790.531.10
2240.61Hosmer, Eric KC1B1235/8/2014 12:42 AM Eric Hosmer drove in four runs and scored a run on three hits and a walk in four at-bats of Wednesday's 8-0 win over the Padres.471611417141720.299139-0.251.46-0.080.401.51
3260.55Stanton, Giancarlo MIAOF113 4076510965601290.2672732.200.92-0.670.75-0.43
3310.48Pedroia, Dustin BOS2B122 504811474953540.292913-0.85-0.380.312.181.15
4470.24Cabrera, Melky TOROF1095/8/2014 6:23 AM Mark Buehrle tossed seven scoreless innings and allowed just three hits with two walks and six strikeouts against the Phillies on Wednesday.449641345428590.29998-0.830.07-0.140.641.44
6610.05Butler, Billy KC1B126 458591276450830.277140-0.040.86-0.960.250.13
780-0.15Ramirez, Alexei CHWSS124 421441245217430.294617-1.35-0.120.76-1.121.07
889-0.19Calhoun, KoleLAAOF995/7/2014 8:56 PM Kole Calhoun (ankle) ran on the field before Wednesday's game and will join the team in Arizona over the weekend, and he hopes to begin a rehab assignment Tuesday.407671084240840.264138-0.14-0.93-0.200.90-0.60
10109-0.38Markakis, Nick BALOF118 483711303844590.270102-0.78-1.24-0.811.26-0.32
10119-0.42Sandoval, PabloSF3B115 398471085437610.272121-0.280.05-0.88-0.85-0.16
13147-0.66Montero, Miguel ARIC100 36246954944870.263110-0.50-0.38-0.92-0.90-0.58
14161-0.76Gordon, Dee LADSS89 35741912430670.254238-1.95-2.392.89-1.33-1.00
16188-1.01Harper, BryceWASOF59 20430573426460.279105-0.73-1.60-0.42-2.370.11
  -0.02Avg Stats/Total Values   1527 5,7918071,6227395541,0360.280178123-3.35-0.83-
  1.08Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   1129 4,1935581,1805763907930.28113796-0.833.330.03-0.773.64
3300.15Cain, MattSFSP25 161.6142706546135173.601101.160.77-0.60-0.780.740.64
3320.14Iwakuma, Hisashi SEASP24 153.7137686236126183.651001.130.46-0.60-0.891.300.42
4420.03Estrada, Marco MILSP21 126.3115545032120163.56901.160.31-0.60-0.480.640.25
4430.02Cishek, Steve MIARP52 51.8411716185532.733261.14-1.511.770.800.37-1.33
558-0.15Janssen, CaseyTORRP495/7/2014 5:26 PM Casey Janssen allowed one hit and struck out two in one inning of work Wednesday for Double-A New Hampshire.

5/7/2014 3:17 PM Casey Janssen (back) is scheduled to throw in a second rehab game Wednesday night for New Hampshire. 48.6401817124543.123201.07-1.501.260.310.74-1.59
777-0.33Rodriguez, Francisco MILRP51 49.9452119185663.413211.25-1.441.36-0.02-0.24-1.32
11123-0.56McCarthy, Brandon ARISP18 110.611948442175113.57801.27-0.10-0.60-0.45-0.82-0.85
14167-0.74Walker, TaijuanSEASP20 118.6108565148105133.88801.32-0.13-0.60-1.34-1.51-0.10
17202-0.80Eovaldi, Nathan MIASP23 137.0136625751106123.72901.360.18-0.60-1.04-2.48-0.08
20236-0.87Skaggs, Tyler LAASP22 123.5119615646105154.10901.330.19-0.60-2.03-1.80-0.10
  -3.12Avg Stats/Total Values   304 1,081.61,0014744363289291163.6373671.23-2.770.21-5.93-3.06-4.05
  -1.51Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   189 629.4593269247176538673.5443471.22-2.100.74-2.08-1.23-2.90

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avatarkslight  5/8/2014 1:51 PM

It looks like most of your early picks were hitters, and you should be set there. Adrian Gonzalez has been great and would likely be a 2nd round pick (while Lee would probably be a 4th). In other words, I think you can get more for him. is there any chance for that?

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avatarliam4  5/8/2014 3:53 PM

I have a different view -- I feel you won the trade, particularly on a per game value basis.

Everth > Ramirez, particularly given the 20 extra steals -- steals go at a big premium in my leagues.  Cliff Lee's numbers so far aren't great, but .352 BABIP and 2.71 xFIP mean he's just as good as last year.  I'd take Cliff Lee over Adrian Gonzalez any day of the week. Gonzalez has 9 HR so far but I'm not sure he can keep that up from here on out, and 1B is very deep -- you already have hosmer there as well and need the pitching help.

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avatarsevenam40  5/11/2014 1:41 PM

Thanks! At first, I was thinking I should have gotten a little more for Gonzalez, but he's been mired in a massive slump for over a week now. I feel much better about it. And I agree that Cabrera > Ramirez, although Ramirez has been mashing of late. 

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avatarjyang61107  5/16/2014 5:43 PM

I just did a trade.

I got M. Cabrera for A. Rizzo, J. Cueto and S. Strasburg.

I hope I did the right thing.

Let me know how you guys feel about it : )



12 Teams | 13 Hitters Per Team [7 Active = HR RBI SB R TB BA OBP] | 9 Pitchers Per Team [7 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO BB QS]

2150.88Gonzalez, Carlos COLOF102 3956411263391000.28421172060.3501.321.080.811.011.250.480.23
3340.53Pujols, Albert LAA1B105 405591117138490.2732121970.3431.351.77-0.670.490.92-0.10-0.06
4390.38Rizzo, Anthony CHC1B116 428601135752850.2642042020.3491.240.59-0.490.641.10-0.670.22
4470.23Heyward, Jason ATLOF108 437731114454930.2551891920.3440.74-0.49-0.031.900.73-1.20-0.01
4480.20Reyes, Jose TORSS102 426641214038450.2849211790.344-0.80-0.851.
5590.04Beltran, CarlosNYYOF97 377521055931620.2781621780.3340.450.75-0.74-
669-0.05Morneau, Justin COL1B96 349471005828610.2861401670.3450.150.65-0.91-0.58-0.250.550.05
773-0.09Calhoun, KoleLAAOF995/15/2014 6:01 PM Kole Calhoun (ankle) said he will begin a Triple-A rehab assignment Friday and be back with the Angels Tuesday if all goes well.407661074240840.2641381750.332-0.01-0.66-
777-0.13Seager, Kyle SEA3B115 398511035141800.2581771750.3370.570.09-0.22-0.240.07-0.93-0.28
890-0.28Lowrie, Jed OAK2B/SS108 387511064738600.2731111690.344-0.37-0.29-0.80-0.20-0.17-0.10-0.02
13155-0.78Gattis, Evan ATLC/OF86 32837824920720.2491711520.2970.62-0.12-0.81-1.52-0.84-1.18-1.62
23266-1.75Young, Eric NYMOF61 22522551621430.245121730.316-2.17-2.881.23-3.01-3.86-0.93-0.64
  -0.81Avg Stats/Total Values   1195 4,5626481,2255994418340.269178922,0650.3383.10-0.36-1.550.60-0.57-3.98-2.94
121.06Wainwright, Adam STLSP24 164.7149565132148122.791201.10171.39-0.582.361.911.170.051.08
160.72Strasburg, Stephen WASSP23 145.6121504645164132.861101.14171.15-0.581.850.931.59-0.890.99
190.59Kimbrel, Craig ATLRP54 53.833109178531.593320.930-1.572.592.361.61-0.501.13-1.52
2150.41Uehara, Koji BOSRP52 52.238141396752.273260.900-1.461.921.411.77-0.961.73-1.52
2160.36Cueto, Johnny CINSP215/15/2014 9:20 PM Johnny Cueto threw yet another complete-game shutout, this time limiting the Padres to just three hits and two walks with eight strikeouts for the win on Thursday.135.5114534936119133.27901.11140.51-0.580.361.440.41-0.210.59
4400.04Latos, MatCINSP205/16/2014 9:42 AM Mat Latos (strained flexor mass tendon) is expected to have one more bullpen session before advancing to a simulated games.132.6119555038118133.41901.19130.33-0.58-
556-0.09Porcello, RickDETSP25 146.7150645935110153.591101.26160.90-0.58-0.77-1.020.17-0.160.81
557-0.11Cain, Matt SFSP245/16/2014 2:46 AM Matt Cain earned his first win of the season Thursday despite allowing four runs on six hits, including two home runs, and three walks with seven punch outs over 7.2 innings.150.3130706445123183.841001.16140.66-0.58-1.680.630.52-0.900.58
664-0.17Johnson, Jim OAKRP51 51.4501817134432.953211.220-1.421.500.54-0.13-1.571.44-1.52
670-0.21Melancon, Mark PITRP495/15/2014 10:06 PM Mark Melancon was charged with his second blown save and took his first loss after allowing two runs on two hits and two walks without ever recording an out against the Brewers on Thursday.49.2431514124632.61441.110-1.19-0.180.930.49-1.511.54-1.52
886-0.29O'Day, Darren BALRP47 47.0381918114453.42371.040-1.410.08-0.050.85-1.571.57-1.52
9103-0.38Kennedy, Ian SDSP245/15/2014 9:30 PM Ian Kennedy gave up five runs on 11 hits and a walk with four strikeouts over six innings against the Reds on Thursday.149.1147666150140173.671001.32150.57-0.58-1.05-1.960.96-1.230.66
14168-0.54Mejia, Jenrry NYMSP35 40.1401716153843.552151.360-1.820.86-0.16-0.71-1.721.32-1.52
  1.39Avg Stats/Total Values   450 1,318.21,1715084683591,2451253.19921051.16105-3.362.735.985.98-2.624.98-3.96

67% Agree (3 votes)
avatarkslight  5/16/2014 7:55 PM

With your settings, you're getting 2.78 in hitter value and giving up 1.08 in pitcher so no complaints here smile

Plus it's safe to say you owned Cueto for his best stretch of the season.

100% Agree (2 votes)
avatarjyang61107  5/16/2014 8:17 PM

How safe do you think this will go through without veto?

Its already accepted need 2 day review.

0% Agree (0 votes)
avatarkslight  5/16/2014 8:20 PM

It should be a safe trade. With Cabrera's slow start and Cueto's hot one, the trade should look decent to most.

100% Agree (1 vote)
avatarjyang61107  5/19/2014 8:36 AM

Happy to report the trade went through.

Not to mention the trade helped both me and my opponent.

We are both projected at 2 and 3 respectfully due to the trade than 4 to 5 before.

100% Agree (1 vote)
avatarjyang61107  5/19/2014 9:59 AM

Here is my new team standing and now I have 2 STREAM player option in my H2H.

You can IGNORE B. Arroyo and T. Skaggs.

My pitching is actually 0.58

Basically, I lost .81 in pitching but gained 1.21 in hitting.  Which is amazing since it is a H2H where the strategy is to stream pitching.

Thanks BBM.

12 Teams | 13 Hitters Per Team [7 Active = HR RBI SB R TB BA OBP] | 9 Pitchers Per Team [7 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO BB QS]

112.41Cabrera, Miguel DET1B/3B1185/18/2014 11:20 PM Miguel Cabrera mashed again on Sunday as he went 3-for-4 with a double, two RBI, and a run scored as the Tigers swept the Red Sox in a three game series in Boston for the first time since 1993.439801389063740.3152922470.4052.923.53-0.722.613.112.492.89
2160.82Gonzalez, Carlos COLOF99 386631096138980.28420132010.3501.331.030.451.001.250.470.24
3320.53Pujols, Albert LAA1B1025/19/2014 12:32 AM Albert Pujols now 25th on all-time career home run list after going 3-for-4 with two home runs, two RBI, and two runs scored Sunday.395571087037480.2732021920.3431.361.78-0.670.490.91-0.11-0.05
4470.22Heyward, Jason ATLOF106 426721094353900.2551781880.3440.74-0.51-0.041.850.72-1.200.01
4480.19Reyes, Jose TORSS99 415631183937430.2849201750.344-0.82-0.871.
5550.10Beltran, CarlosNYYOF975/18/2014 10:11 AM Carlos Beltran (elbow) had another cortisone shot on Saturday. He is headed to see Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion this week.377521055931620.2781621780.3340.520.88-0.74-0.040.330.16-0.39
5570.08Lowrie, JedOAK2B/SS1055/18/2014 3:43 PM Jed Lowrie left Sunday's game with a neck strain. He is day-to-day.

5/18/2014 12:34 PM Nick Punto took over for Jed Lowrie in the second inning of Sunday's game. 422631154941660.2731211840.344-0.150.03-0.791.020.57-0.11-0.01
669-0.03Calhoun, KoleLAAOF995/18/2014 7:54 PM Kole Calhoun (ankle) will likely spend at least a few more days at Triple-A Salt Lake before returning.407671074240840.2641381760.3320.04-0.59-0.131.370.24-0.63-0.50
672-0.05Morneau, Justin COL1B945/19/2014 1:50 AM Justin Morneau belted his 9th homer of the season Sunday as he went 2-for-5 with two RBI and a run scored in the Rockies win over the Padres.34046975728590.2861401630.3450.150.66-0.91-0.57-0.270.530.06
778-0.13Seager, Kyle SEA3B112 389501005040780.2581671710.3370.570.09-0.23-0.240.06-0.93-0.27
13152-0.78Gattis, Evan ATLC/OF845/18/2014 10:06 AM Evan Gattis is not in the Braves' starting lineup on Sunday.32036804819710.2491611480.2970.62-0.13-0.81-1.49-0.86-1.18-1.61
19218-1.36Wong, Kolten STL2B715/19/2014 12:00 AM Kolten Wong stays hot as he went 1-for-3 with a double, a walk, and three RBI in a losing effort to the Braves Sunday.28333742720450.2604101040.309-1.58-1.950.13-1.87-2.62-0.60-1.05
21248-1.63Young, Eric NYMOF60 24429601323470.245123790.316-2.17-3.171.46-2.16-3.60-1.03-0.71
  0.40Avg Stats/Total Values   1246 4,8447091,3206484718660.273189972,2050.3423.550.78-1.782.960.04-1.60-1.17
131.04Wainwright, Adam STLSP23 160.6145545031145122.791201.10171.36-0.582.301.891.170.051.07
190.58Kimbrel, Craig ATLRP535/18/2014 11:34 PM Craig Kimbrel picked up his 11th save of the season Sunday pitching a scoreless ninth striking out one in the Braves 6-5 road win over the Cardinals.52.532109178231.593320.930-1.572.592.331.60-0.491.13-1.52
2140.40Uehara, Koji BOSRP51 50.637141396552.273250.900-1.471.911.381.74-0.961.74-1.52
4370.06Latos, MatCINSP20 132.6119555038118133.41901.19130.43-0.58-
551-0.04Porcello, RickDETSP245/18/2014 8:19 PM Update: Rick Porcello, who is dealing with tightness in his side, will make his next start Saturday against the Rangers.

5/18/2014 4:22 PM Rick Porcello will miss his next start due to tightness in his side. 143.2144625734105143.581001.24150.90-0.58-0.75-0.690.13-0.120.81
558-0.12Cain, Matt SFSP23 146.6126686244120173.841001.16140.66-0.58-1.710.620.52-0.920.57
671-0.21Johnson, Jim OAKRP49 49.5481816134232.953181.220-1.401.190.52-0.13-1.571.46-1.52
672-0.21Melancon, Mark PITRP485/19/2014 3:20 AM Mark Melancon picked up his sixth save of the season with a perfect ninth inning against the Yankees during the second game of the Sunday doubleheader.48.0421514114532.61441.110-1.20-0.180.910.48-1.501.55-1.52
9107-0.38Kennedy, Ian SDSP23 145.4143645949137173.67901.32140.55-0.58-1.08-1.950.96-1.250.65
15170-0.54Mejia, Jenrry NYMSP34 39.1391715143743.552141.360-1.820.86-0.17-0.71-1.711.32-1.52
17196-0.58Arroyo, Bronson ARISP23 141.914775692885214.36901.24120.41-0.58-3.50-0.55-0.420.270.30
34405-0.77Skaggs, Tyler LAASP20 113.910958534394154.22801.33110.11-0.58-2.40-1.70-0.18-0.780.13
  -0.78Avg Stats/Total Values   392 1,223.81,1325094683311,0751273.4483931.2096-3.052.33-2.320.77-3.583.97-3.57

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