Just patting myself on the back for this nice grab of Tulo

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avatarmmassmedia (62 posts)  5/21/2014 12:14 AM

Got Tulowitzki

Gave up Kipnis, Balfour, Asdrubal Cabrera

He is my team pretrade 5x5 H2H

Punting Wins, K's and Steals


12 Teams | 13 Hitters Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] | 10 Pitchers Per Team [3 Active = SV ERA WHIP, 2 Punted = W SO]

112.142.14 0.00Cabrera, Miguel DET1B/3B116 432781368862730.3152922.863.51-0.752.532.55
190.920.92 0.00Freeman, Freddie ATL1B1095/20/2014 2:40 AM Freddie Freeman went 2-for-5 with a home run, one RBI and a run scored against the Brewers on Monday.407631246649870.3041911.031.52-0.811.111.74
2200.690.69 0.00Votto, JoeyCIN1B1125/20/2014 3:32 PM No roster moves, but manager Bryan Price said he was ‘optimistic’ that Joey Votto could play when the Reds return to Cincinnati.

5/20/2014 2:32 PM Joey Votto (knee) remains out the Reds' starting lineup on Tuesday.397751155189890.2891740.730.17-0.502.240.82
2220.600.60 0.00Werth, Jayson WASOF98 365591085548800.2971680.640.58-0.090.711.18
4460.240.24 0.00Dozier, Brian MIN2B108 438661104049920.25015260.37-0.761.881.33-1.62
4470.230.23 0.00Rosario, Wilin COLC935/20/2014 11:22 PM Wilin Rosario doubled and homered in four at-bats Tuesday driving in three runs and scoring once in the Rockies 5-4 come from behind victory over the Giants.33445955815790.2841931.130.84-0.65-0.620.44
5520.180.18 0.00Beltran, CarlosNYYOF975/20/2014 4:46 PM Manager Joe Girardi said Carlos Beltran (elbow) will try to take swings on Monday.

5/20/2014 2:21 PM Carlos Beltran could come off disabled list when he's eligible, but it all depends how his elbow feels when he tries to hit.377521055931620.2781620.550.92-0.770.040.16
5540.140.14 0.00Kipnis, JasonCLE2B1025/20/2014 3:00 PM Indians 2B Jason Kipnis will go on rehab assignment at Triple-A Columbus on Friday.381511055049830.2751019-0.500.121.110.01-0.03
5590.080.08 0.00Craig, Allen STL1B/OF99 376481095832740.289121-0.070.82-0.81-0.330.77
5600.050.05 0.00Calhoun, KoleLAAOF995/20/2014 8:09 PM Kole Calhoun (ankle) could be activated from the disabled list Wednesday.410681084240840.2641380.10-0.57-0.141.54-0.67
9101-0.29-0.29 0.00LaRoche, AdamWAS1B1015/20/2014 3:08 PM Adam LaRoche says he expects to be in Nationals lineup Sunday when he's eligible to come off the disabled list.34348894945840.2591510.430.02-0.80-0.29-0.81
10118-0.42-0.42 0.00Perez, SalvadorKCC945/20/2014 2:20 PM As expected, Salvador Perez (hand) is not in the Royals' starting lineup on Tuesday.32938964616380.292100-0.48-0.25-0.95-1.230.80
11127-0.51-0.51 0.00Sandoval, Pablo SF3B104 36143974734570.268111-0.33-0.13-0.88-0.82-0.38
12141-0.60-0.60 0.00Belt, BrandonSF1B74 27137773930680.28493-0.64-0.85-0.58-1.300.36
13149-0.65-0.65 0.00Trumbo, MarkARI1B/OF78 27137684021750.2521620.54-0.79-0.69-1.38-0.92
13152-0.68-0.68 0.00Cabrera, Asdrubal CLESS104 35642904226700.253107-0.52-0.62-0.20-0.89-1.16
26302-1.82-1.82 0.00Stubbs, Drew COLOF35 12415301413380.24336-1.73-3.08-0.29-3.41-0.59
  0.310.31 0.00Avg Stats/Total Values   1624 5,9738641,6618466511,2340.278241964.101.45-5.91-0.752.64
  1.201.20 0.00Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   867 3,1934588984693296500.281134563.382.68-2.60-0.392.94
182.160.90+1.26Kimbrel, Craig ATLRP52 51.131109168031.593310.93-1.522.672.271.54-0.48
2151.570.55+1.03Jansen, Kenley LADRP51 51.0361312167642.063251.03-1.382.051.681.00-0.60
2181.520.47+1.05Rosenthal, TrevorSTLRP515/20/2014 4:47 PM Trevor Rosenthal will not be available on Tuesday. Manager Mike Matheny wants to give him two days off after pitching in four straight.54.0411514176942.273281.08-1.422.321.490.75-0.77
4411.050.07+0.97Cishek, Steve MIARP47 46.6361514165032.663231.12-1.491.850.840.45-1.28
6680.63-0.18+0.80Balfour, Grant TBRP47 47.5362018194953.483221.16-1.451.71-0.100.27-1.32
7760.42-0.26+0.68Melancon, Mark PITRP48 47.6421514114432.61441.11-1.13-0.160.920.49-1.45
111310.00-0.55+0.55Smith, Joe LAARP50 46.4421817163933.30471.26-
  7.351.00+6.35Avg Stats/Total Values   346 344.126410697113408242.54231391.10-9.5610.587.204.26-7.48

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avatarjyang61107 (272 posts)  5/21/2014 8:08 AM

Well done my boy, well done.

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