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avatarmichaelu76  5/29/2014 9:56 AM

I really like what I see from Wong right now and call me a pessimist but I have trouble believing Utley will stay healthy.  Who should I part with to grab him off waivers?  My current thought is Lind or Rajai.  Would I be better standing pat?

12 Teams | 10 Hitters Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] | 8 Pitchers Per Team [5 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO]

1100.85Braun, Ryan MILOF965/28/2014 11:36 PM Ryan Braun did a little bit of everything Wednesday as he had two hits in three at-bats with a walk, a double, two RBI, a run scored, and a stolen base.368571125836760.30518110.970.880.230.731.43
2140.59Upton, Justin ATLOF101 366531046343960.2851971.181.38-
3260.39Wright, David NYM3B995/29/2014 4:47 AM David Wright went 2-for-3 with a home run, two RBI, a run scored and a stolen base against the Pirates on Wednesday.369501105443720.29914100.190.600.14-0.031.07
3310.30Springer, George HOUOF975/29/2014 6:05 AM George Springer went 1-for-3 with yet another home run, two RBI, two runs scored and a walk during the Astros' 9-3 drubbing of the Royals on Wednesday.377579749421310.25620151.430.110.600.71-1.33
4390.21Rios, Alex TEXOF100 366411075420620.2921120-0.400.521.20-1.010.70
555-0.06Beltran, CarlosNYYOF89 34547965428570.2781520.360.53-0.80-0.33-0.07
556-0.07Adams, MattSTL1B895/29/2014 8:26 AM Matt Adams was out of the lineup Wednesday night due to left hamstring tightness -- he struck out as a pinch-hitter in the ninth, but hopes to return to the lineup for Thursday's game. 

5/28/2014 4:33 PM Matt Adams is out Wednesday because of a sore calf.

5/28/2014 3:58 PM Matt Adams is not in the Cardinals' starting lineup on Wednesday.33942985519860.2891410.180.68-0.85-0.880.50
557-0.08Utley, Chase PHI2B90 34247984832510.286126-0.070.01-0.32-0.340.35
663-0.16Calhoun, Kole LAAOF92 380621003837780.264127-0.04-0.93-0.221.29-0.88
666-0.20Lucroy, Jonathan MILC/1B92 32741965029440.294114-0.400.16-0.50-0.970.73
667-0.22Cespedes, Yoenis OAKOF98 36045925129820.2561760.760.29-0.35-0.50-1.30
782-0.35Lind, Adam TOR1B89 30143844430640.2791400.31-0.39-0.96-0.72-0.01
896-0.46Davis, RajaiDETOF855/28/2014 11:02 PM Rajai Davis was forced to leave Wednesday's game with a shoulder contusion.29336783117570.268535-1.40-1.562.73-1.56-0.50
9103-0.52Arcia, Oswaldo MINOF95 354429049281000.2551420.300.05-0.78-0.87-1.30
9108-0.54Cabrera, Everth SDSS97 400531032439850.257331-1.79-2.252.340.36-1.35
  -0.31Avg Stats/Total Values   1410 5,2877151,4667214741,1420.2771981571.580.092.26-3.85-1.63
1120.47Sanchez, Anibal DETSP225/28/2014 11:57 PM Anibal Sanchez was credited with a lone run on three hits and no walks with nine strikeouts over 8.1 innings of the no-decision Wednesday against the Athletics.

5/28/2014 6:37 PM Anibal Sanchez has no pitch count restrictions for the first time since returning from the disabled list.134.7118514740132123.131001.171.01-0.590.610.301.04
2150.44Wacha, Michael STLSP/RP20 124.8107474437123123.151001.150.88-0.590.510.660.76
2160.44Price, David TBSP21 144.9137555033134143.13901.180.73-0.590.680.291.10
3260.12Shields, James KCSP22 152.3143625742132143.36901.210.70-0.59-0.20-0.351.03
448-0.11Roark, Tanner WASSP/RP21 103.5924339267893.40801.140.19-0.59-0.260.62-0.53
557-0.19Keuchel, Dallas HOUSP/RP21 142.7144575338118123.33801.270.36-0.59-0.07-1.300.64
663-0.23Ventura, YordanoKCSP19 109.892484439108123.61701.200.06-0.59-0.86-0.090.33
664-0.23Frieri, Ernesto LAARP47 47.0382018206373.473221.23-1.451.66-0.20-0.19-0.97
774-0.31Street, Huston SDRP44 43.1332018124063.753191.04-1.541.38-0.500.74-1.65
  0.40Avg Stats/Total Values   237 1,002.8904402370287930973.3267411.190.94-1.11-0.280.691.76

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avatarmbuser   5/29/2014 10:20 AM

I would think Rajai wins something of a tiebreaker given his SB. Lind is tough to carry given that he's not an everyday player, and Arcia looks expendable given how many OF you are carrying. Depth behind Utley certainly makes sense.

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