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avatarksimon89  6/3/2014 3:15 PM

Is Wil Myers droppable now in 12 team leagues?

I'm pretty securely in 2nd place and probably have the best hitting in the league (see below). I don't like to keeping bench hitters in order to maximize my pitching but now I've got Myers and Harper out long term, and Victorino out probably another few weeks. I could drop him for Belisario to try and compete in saves but wouldn't be opposed to dropping one of my worse pitchers for him (Kuroda, Garcia, Colon, or Porcello). My lineup could look pretty deadly come August if it includes Harper and Myers as well.



12 Teams | 13 Hitters Per Team $200 Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] | 10 Pitchers Per Team $60 Per Team [5 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO]

112.33Cabrera, Miguel DET1B/3B105 390721268355660.3232622.883.76-0.682.792.92
121.92Trout, MikeLAAOF102 378761166068960.30718211.361.581.593.221.87
2240.60Davis, Chris BAL1B102 367579455371210.2552432.481.12-0.561.18-1.20
4390.42Ramirez, Hanley LADSS87 32446935132610.28615100.600.690.290.000.53
4420.35Hunter, Torii DETOF93 378511115317700.293113-0.060.86-0.610.521.04
4450.31Kipnis, Jason CLE2B98 364491004847790.2751018-0.380.371.250.39-0.07
4470.29Gonzalez, Adrian LAD1B100 360471015534640.2811510.661.11-0.780.150.30
6640.05Victorino, ShaneBOSOF816/2/2014 9:16 PM Shane Victorino (calf) has been limited to "light running" and is not expected to be activated from the disabled list when eligible.34851963623520.276915-0.41-0.790.850.580.02
668-0.05Calhoun, Kole LAAOF89 36960963636750.2601270.09-0.78-0.121.50-0.91
10113-0.44Arcia, Oswaldo MINOF91 33939854526970.2511420.390.14-0.73-0.69-1.32
13146-0.64Harper, BryceWASOF60 20529573426460.279105-0.34-0.95-0.29-1.760.11
13151-0.67Myers, WilTBOF766/3/2014 2:41 PM Rays Wil Myers has a slight stress fracture in his right wrist, according to the team. He will be in cast five to six weeks then start a rehab.

6/2/2014 4:49 PM Manager Joe Maddon said Wil Myers (wrist) could miss two to six weeks.26233693626710.263113-0.16-0.77-0.58-1.33-0.52
15171-0.85Pierzynski, A.J. BOSC74 2713175338430.27580-0.73-1.00-0.90-1.59-0.03
  3.62Avg Stats/Total Values   1156 4,3556401,2186254359400.280182916.375.34-1.274.952.74
  4.90Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   938 3,5395269965203597710.281152687.297.85-1.257.453.14
111.61Kershaw, Clayton LADSP206/3/2014 12:24 AM Clayton Kershaw allowed two runs on four hits, including a two-run home run to Jose Abreu, with no walks and nine strikeouts in the win over the White Sox Monday.135.710641383314392.501001.031.35-0.572.902.721.64
4370.12Santana, Ervin ATLSP20 135.6124585337111143.55901.180.90-0.57-0.680.210.71
4470.00Roark, Tanner WASSP/RP21 100.7894138267693.40801.140.35-0.57-0.140.68-0.33
549-0.01Fister, Doug WASSP20 128.713651472797113.28901.260.98-0.570.21-0.970.29
667-0.15Haren, Dan LADSP18 104.710646421986143.63801.200.57-0.57-0.740.03-0.03
669-0.17Porcello, Rick DETSP22 126.912855513095133.59901.251.02-0.57-0.78-0.760.23
783-0.26Kuroda, Hiroki NYYSP21 131.7136585329101153.65801.250.66-0.57-1.00-0.790.39
9100-0.40Colon, Bartolo NYMSP186/3/2014 3:19 AM Bartolo Colon allowed two runs on six hits and three walks with five strikeouts over seven innings against the Phillies on Monday.113.812947431882123.39701.290.09-0.57-0.11-1.24-0.15
9105-0.42Niese, Jon NYMSP19 114.311448443386103.50701.290.13-0.57-0.42-1.19-0.04
13146-0.57Garcia, Jaime STLSP18 64.5642725175263.43501.26-0.66-0.57-0.13-0.44-1.05
16185-0.68Mejia, Jenrry NYMSP30 34.1341513133333.562121.38-1.740.90-0.18-0.73-1.63
  -0.93Avg Stats/Total Values   226 1,190.91,1664874482819621153.3882121.223.64-4.80-1.07-2.490.05
  -0.06Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   148 700.3671279257163587673.3050121.191.51-2.520.920.49-0.72

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avatarmattgus40  6/3/2014 3:52 PM

No DL spot? If so, I would definitely try to trade him (or even drop him) to help your pitching. Looking at your hitters, I'd try to capitalize on your strength at 1B and move one of them (maybe Chris Davis will he still has pretty strong name value) to also help your pitching.

And how in the hell did you get Cabrera, Trout and Harper in a 12-team league??

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avatarjphanned   6/3/2014 4:15 PM

Agreed with mattgus here - definitely favor a trade of some sort over an outright drop. Shop him to the teams in the upper half of the standings in your league. At this point you need to make at least several moves to address your pitching. No real need to stash multiple bats here - mainly Myers - as you're really just overkilling the hitting stats.

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avatarksimon89  6/3/2014 5:29 PM

1 DL spot which is occupied by Harper, so 2 DL guys on my bench. I just traded for Chris Davis (gave Iwakuma and KRod, didn't think I could pass up that value), but I'm open to trading AGon. The strategy which has worked in the past for me is to just stack hitting and stream pitching to try and take Wins and Ks each week while competing in the ratios with good streams.

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avatarksimon89  6/3/2014 5:30 PM

Also it was an auction so I paid up for Miggy and Kershaw, and just made a trade for Trout (gave up Mauer, Pujols, Pedroia, Samardzija for Trout, Kipnis, Myers, and Porcello). Harper and Hanley were also parts of another major trade where I gave up Alexei, Crisp, Butler, and Lester (Harper was already injured).

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