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avatarkenjlev18baseball  7/8/2014 6:34 AM

Grabbed Pearce and dropped Hosmer yesterday, as you gave Pearce a big bump. Then after I made the move, you lowered him. The comments seemed to say he would have better value for the next 30 days, and then would drop, which would be fine for me, as I have Cuddyer coming back in early August, and would then drop Pearce or Hosmer if I re-acquire him.

So my question is that until Cuddyer comes back, if you were me, would you ride Pearce or re-acquire Hosmer?


14 Teams | 9 Hitters Per Team [7 Active = H HR RBI SB R BB BA] | 7 Pitchers Per Team [7 Active = IP W SV ERA WHIP SO K/9]

121.88Cabrera, Miguel DET1B/3B74 27950895534430.3201702.342.352.91-0.872.721.342.35
2220.50Rios, Alex TEXOF67 26633804213470.3007141.32-0.341.281.29-0.03-1.181.14
3310.33Carpenter, Matt STL2B/3B68 27745802435470.290421.36-1.25-1.05-0.651.851.440.58
3350.28Markakis, Nick BALOF69 28343822427380.290621.56-0.67-1.00-0.651.610.460.63
4430.14Andrus, Elvis TEXSS69 28036792720410.2842161.27-1.65-0.621.550.49-0.340.27
4440.09Upton, Justin ATLOF67 23332643626640.273124-0.450.960.55-0.25-0.160.29-0.31
4460.06Choo, Shin-Soo TEXOF68 26242662343640.25385-0.17-0.18-1.21-0.191.362.30-1.46
785-0.32Pearce, Steve BALOF627/7/2014 4:52 PM Steve Pearce is getting Monday off to rest his hamstring. He is available off the bench.21231583023460.27594-1.040.13-0.33-0.32-0.45-0.05-0.19
10131-0.78Cuddyer, MichaelCOL1B/OF41 16628502215320.29873-1.99-0.44-1.30-0.48-0.83-1.040.64
11148-0.88Rosario, WilinCOLC587/7/2014 3:54 PM Wilin Rosario is not in the Rockies starring lineup on Monday.1922352308450.270101-1.750.46-0.24-0.70-1.72-1.78-0.39
  1.30Avg Stats/Total Values   644 2,4503637003132454660.28681512.47-0.63-1.01-1.254.851.433.27
  2.08Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   603 2,2843356512912304340.28575484.46-0.190.29-0.775.672.472.63
1140.52Hamels, Cole PHISP14 92.0813431239193.02601.148.90.930.53-0.570.650.641.160.31
2170.40Kluber, Corey CLESP13 77.9762624198172.81601.229.40.400.76-0.571.07-0.300.730.70
3300.09Wood, Alex ATLSP/RP13 82.0813129258083.17601.308.80.560.69-0.570.18-1.140.700.20
3330.08Samardzija, Jeff OAKSP14 92.29138353090103.46701.318.80.940.99-0.57-0.65-1.471.120.20
336-0.03Minor, Mike ATLSP14 87.88537342379103.53601.238.10.770.72-0.57-0.84-0.450.65-0.49
341-0.07Davis, Wade KCSP/RP30 32.62188134412.13311.0312.2-1.30-1.11-0.411.160.69-0.871.36
446-0.09Ross, Tyson SDSP/RP12 72.6622927276963.31501.
448-0.10Liriano, FranciscoPITSP137/7/2014 10:21 PM Francisco Liriano is likely heading back to Pittsburgh soon after a dominating performance in a rehabilitation start with Triple-A Indianapolis.76.6693229337773.43601.339.00.350.55-0.57-0.47-1.400.530.34
451-0.11Melancon, Mark PITRP32 31.5259862912.322140.978.4-1.34-1.381.700.930.93-1.51-0.09
557-0.21Stroman, Marcus TORSP13 76.0723330236883.57601.258.10.330.47-0.57-0.81-0.600.17-0.47
558-0.23Wheeler, Zack NYMSP14 85.0773633378073.53501.338.40.670.19-0.57-0.79-1.580.67-0.18
565-0.27Roark, Tanner WASSP/RP12 72.1662927175363.32601.
683-0.36McGee, Jake TBRP28 25.4189883022.91281.0410.6-1.57-1.470.690.260.49-1.490.58
19260-0.87Syndergaard, Noah NYMSP5 27.9261211102633.70201.288.4-1.47-1.58-0.57-0.41-0.32-1.65-0.07
  -1.25Avg Stats/Total Values   227 931.8849365335294898853.2466231.238.7-0.32-0.12-4.34-0.10-4.47-0.070.69
  -1.40Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   95 117.48939363713082.728231.089.9-5.67-5.541.411.941.79-5.521.78

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avatarkslight  7/8/2014 7:16 AM

Per-game, we have Pearce projected higher than Hosmer so if you're looking for a one-month player, he looks like the better bet. Hosmer has improved lately, but Pearce has been one of the best over the last month. Considering both have been free agents in your league, it seems finding decent players is not too hard with your settings.

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avatarjyang61107  7/8/2014 9:34 AM

In a 14 team league I'm surprise they are still there.

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avatarkenjlev18baseball  7/8/2014 10:28 AM

OK. Thanks guys! applause

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