Drop anyone for Melky and Morse

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avatarunbigote (125 posts)  4/8/2014 8:29 PM

It is a keeper league, so right now I'm holding Baez and Springer; they are pretty coveted trade chips in this league. Are either of the above guys worth picking up at this point? If so, who should I drop? Thanks in advance.


12 Teams | 12 Hitters Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] | 7 Pitchers Per Team [5 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO]

141.14McCutchen, Andrew PITOF159 5919017887771130.30124220.721.140.801.241.82
2140.76Harper, Bryce WASOF143 5589215776721220.28228161.170.450.261.440.49
4380.32Segura, Jean MILSS1494/8/2014 12:16 PM Jean Segura is in the lineup for Wednesday's game against the Phillies.615801735734900.2811239-0.85-0.732.220.500.47
4460.23Heyward, Jason ATLOF143 5799215561711240.26725120.79-0.47-0.061.40-0.49
5510.18Carpenter, Matt STL2B/3B154 6339418761751070.296113-0.96-0.51-0.791.601.58
776-0.15Martinez, Victor DET1B139 520631528145490.292131-0.720.74-0.98-0.851.06
9101-0.35Dozier, Brian MIN2B146 6078415353501240.2521714-0.14-0.980.160.76-1.57
9104-0.37Brantley, Michael CLEOF146 527601496743610.282915-1.28-0.120.17-1.080.47
9108-0.41Yelich, Christian MIAOF146 5677814752591510.2591318-0.74-1.060.470.30-1.01
10110-0.42LaRoche, Adam WAS1B146 5287013072671340.2472320.530.17-0.85-0.26-1.67
10115-0.45Seager, Kyle SEA3B152 514651356150980.263188-0.10-0.46-0.36-0.65-0.67
12141-0.69Castro, Jason HOUC122 4516011862521230.262151-0.39-0.42-0.95-1.06-0.64
15179-1.08Springer, George HOUOF89 308417641351030.2481516-0.47-1.720.25-2.50-0.94
27321-2.05Baez, Javier CHCSS37 1361633196430.24482-1.34-3.11-0.85-4.47-0.48
  -3.32Avg Stats/Total Values   1871 7,1349851,9448497351,4420.272230169-3.79-7.06-0.54-3.63-1.56
  -0.19Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   1745 6,6909281,8347896941,2960.274207151-1.98-
111.02Hernandez, Felix SEASP33 227.6205847756225193.051501.141.20-0.661.971.021.56
180.80Kimbrel, Craig ATLRP71 70.34316152310941.864420.93-1.462.172.231.71-0.65
2130.54Jansen, Kenley LADRP71 71.44819182210462.254350.99-1.331.681.731.37-0.73
2150.47Greinke, Zack LADSP31 194.9175787150177173.301501.160.99-0.660.730.630.65
2230.09Minor, MikeATLSP30 188.5172827550168203.581301.180.74-0.66-0.320.250.47
3300.02Robertson, DavidNYYRP664/8/2014 11:49 AM David Robertson (strained groin) has been placed on the 15-day disabled list.

4/7/2014 9:42 PM David Robertson (groin) doesn't think he'll need to be on the disabled list past the minimum 15 days.63.0492120207152.814311.09-1.401.420.830.61-1.35
551-0.19Samardzija, Jeff CHCSP32 207.7185948674210243.751201.240.50-0.66-1.03-1.031.28
559-0.24Wood, Alex ATLSP/RP24 154.5139656054142133.471101.250.18-0.660.07-0.810.00
9108-0.60Kluber, Corey CLESP29 170.5176787247150203.771201.310.39-0.66-0.94-1.910.13
11125-0.67Porcello, Rick DETSP32 188.6199878046136193.831301.300.60-0.66-1.23-1.92-0.12
12134-0.69Hawkins, LaTroy COLRP67 63.8662927154563.765171.27-1.250.48-0.34-0.48-1.84
14160-0.76Kelley, Shawn NYYRP644/8/2014 10:25 AM Yankees manager Joe Girardi said "probably" does not have Shawn Kelley to close on Tuesday. He was asked who will close and replied "that's a good question."

4/7/2014 11:04 PM Shawn Kelley earned his 1st career save in place of the injured David Robertson on Monday.62.0552927236683.87491.27-1.39-0.09-0.45-0.43-1.45
  -0.20Avg Stats/Total Values   551 1,662.71,5136816274801,6031613.391131331.20-
  -0.14Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   301 759.5708307282203721733.3453941.20-2.062.352.19-0.61-2.56

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avatarunbigote (125 posts)  4/9/2014 11:04 AM

Someone beat me to Melky, so question stands for Morse.

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avatarmbuser (772 posts)  4/9/2014 12:34 PM

Morse would likely be an upgrade over LaRoche if he can stay healthy, but that's no given. There's not much risk in dropping LaRoche and finding out what might happen.

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