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avatarwango00  4/24/2014 10:09 PM

I would be giving up AGon and Lance Lynn and would be getting King Felix and Bonifacio.

I'm leaning towards yes, but I could use the extra opinions as I am very indecisive.



12 Teams | 9 Hitters Per Team [4 Active = HR RBI R BA, 1 Punted = SB] | 7 Pitchers Per Team [3 Active = W SV SO, 2 Punted = ERA WHIP]

122.722.00+0.72Cabrera, Miguel DET1B/3B1374/24/2014 5:09 PM Miguel Cabrera drove in three runs on two hits in four at-bats of Thursday's win over the White Sox.5099316310674850.3193422.573.10-0.892.592.62
2220.720.41+0.31Pujols, Albert LAA1B121 468691308545570.2772431.141.63-0.820.27-0.16
2230.710.39+0.33Gonzalez, Adrian LAD1B136 506691468146930.2892120.621.33-0.910.290.62
1120.700.65+0.06Choo, Shin-SooTEXOF1304/24/2014 2:55 PM Shin-Soo Choo (ankle) reported improvement after treatment at the hotel on Thursday. GM Jon Daniels thinks Choo will avoid the disabled list.5059114856871140.29316170.02-0.420.422.330.88
3290.610.33+0.28Stanton, Giancarlo MIAOF123 4447211972651410.2673031.920.69-0.780.59-0.74
3360.390.14+0.26Mauer, Joe MINC/1B128 487771495770890.306112-0.80-0.38-0.891.071.68
3340.360.17+0.19Bautista, Jose TOROF116 416761056775750.2532761.560.38-0.590.93-1.46
11121-0.75-0.70 -0.05Bogaerts, Xander BOSSS/3B121 4055410853431020.266127-0.61-0.60-0.49-1.08-0.73
890-0.88-0.45 -0.43Altuve, Jose HOU2B130 501491415626620.282427-1.69-0.451.27-1.560.15
886-1.15-0.41 -0.74Cabrera, Everth SDSS126 5176613735531110.265442-1.76-1.902.540.05-0.99
  3.432.52+0.92Avg Stats/Total Values   1269 4,7597151,3456675849290.2831831112.983.38-1.155.491.88
  2.712.11+0.61Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   1148 4,2906461,2165825398720.2831591081.851.75-0.325.222.04
5490.32-0.19+0.51Lynn, Lance STLSP27 161.9152666059157153.351301.300.87-0.61-0.05-1.850.71
4450.12-0.14+0.26Burnett, A.J. PHISP25 156.0141625755154143.311101.260.33-0.610.10-1.170.65
5580.06-0.27+0.33Gray, Sonny OAKSP26 156.2140686253134143.581201.240.61-0.61-0.78-0.740.18
151720.03-0.83+0.86Ventura, Yordano KCSP27 155.2145726665140163.851101.350.37-0.61-1.66-2.580.32
999-0.18-0.53+0.35Kazmir, Scott OAKSP22 123.7120545041120143.611001.300.18-0.61-0.70-1.41-0.13
550-0.28-0.21 -0.07Frieri, Ernesto LAARP60 60.4472523268283.434281.21-1.451.59-0.11-0.11-0.99
333-0.47-0.02 -0.45Robertson, David NYYRP58 54.6421816176242.684271.09-1.501.520.750.57-1.44
9104-0.61-0.56 -0.05Axford, John CLERP584/24/2014 5:46 AM John Axford picked up his eighth save with a scoreless ninth inning against the Royals on Wednesday. He allowed one hit.55.1492321245953.474231.33-1.481.17-0.16-0.81-1.52
14165-0.62-0.81+0.19Ross, Robbie TEXRP31 104.51014642388793.63801.33-0.38-0.61-0.64-1.53-0.87
15176-0.86-0.83 -0.02Beckett, Josh LADSP15 88.18341382773113.88601.26-0.78-0.61-0.99-0.60-1.18
13148-1.06-0.76 -0.30Lindstrom, Matt CHWRP554/24/2014 1:48 AM Matt Lindstrom picked up his third save of season on Wednesday as he pitched a scoreless ninth allowing a hit and a walk without a strikeout as the White Sox defeated the Tigers 6-4.49.8491918173723.214111.33-1.440.260.14-0.74-1.99
21242-1.39-0.97 -0.42Farnsworth, Kyle NYMRP364/24/2014 3:34 PM Manager Terry Collins said post-game that Kyle Farnsworth is still the teams closer for now.

4/24/2014 6:05 AM Kyle Farnsworth allowed one run on three hits over one inning but still picked up his second save of the season and preserved the Mets' 3-2 win over the Cardinals on Wednesday.30.3301413102533.80281.31-1.890.01-0.29-0.37-2.28
  -4.94-6.11+1.18Avg Stats/Total Values   440 1,195.81,1005084674321,1301163.5187961.28-6.560.28-4.41-11.34-8.54
  -4.25-3.85 -0.39Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   270 563.5526235216194533553.4542681.28-6.051.13-1.31-5.21-7.83

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avatargehrenberg  4/24/2014 10:34 PM

Accept this trade ASAP before it's off the table

100% Agree (3 votes)
avatarmmassmedia  4/25/2014 2:44 AM

Hopefully you snapped it up.

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