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avatar#6959  5/15/2014 4:30 PM

I'm trying to understand something.


Are there "better" projections if looking under daily tools/daily projections vs rankings/daily projections or are they the same source?

I don't plan to play any of the daily games like fanduel etc but am in a espn roto league with daily lineup changes.  As you can tell my team is sort of beat to hell at the moment so I'm trying to make the most of a bleak situation by streaming my last few roster spots with high quality matchups.  

If I'm not at the upgraded level am I missing out on anything different?  Just a suggestion but it might be helpful to show it better somewhere what the difference actually is as to me in my mind I only need the higher membership if I'm joining one of those daily sites otherwise the basic membership works fine. 

Thanks in advance your site has helped me when back to back championships (Miguel Cabrera helped too) but I've got a lot of work to do if I want to 3 peat! 

10 Teams | 13 Hitters Per Team [10 Active = HR RBI SB R BB 1B 2B 3B K BA] | 10 Pitchers Per Team [10 Active = IP W SV ERA WHIP SO HLD L SHO CG]

150.93Goldschmidt, Paul ARI1B113 416691267262980.3032310722922.031.60-0.031.301.77-0.192.07-0.04-0.781.56
3230.41Reyes, Jose TORSS103 430651244238440.28892187235-1.00-0.831.090.87-0.080.990.
4310.28Cabrera, Melky TOROF103 424601275227560.2999891234-1.040.04-0.230.46-0.911.230.230.930.701.34
4330.25Ortiz, David BOSDH985/15/2014 6:12 AM David Ortiz went 3-for-5 with two home runs, two RBI and three runs scored during the Red Sox' 9-4 win over the Twins on Wednesday.364611046354660.286181602511.080.87-0.900.521.14-1.100.77-0.690.360.47
5440.10Zobrist, BenTB2B/SS/OF1005/14/2014 6:43 PM Manager Joe Maddon says team will see how much swelling Ben Zobrist (thumb) has Thursday before determining whether to place him on the disabled list.

5/14/2014 5:13 PM Update: Ben Zobrist has a dislocated left thumb. 

5/14/2014 4:26 PM Update: Ben Zobrist left Wednesday's game with a left thumb injury.395621094552610.27711873242-0.58-0.56-0.220.610.97-0.130.41-0.050.52-0.01
6570.02Aoki, Norichika KCOF107 442601253441370.28351499183-1.90-1.430.410.450.191.90-
6590.00Crisp, CocoOAKDH/OF97 400601074143550.267122173194-0.36-0.911.070.400.30-0.15-1.020.500.73-0.59
767-0.06Beltran, CarlosNYYOF975/15/2014 2:54 PM Yankees placed Carlos Beltran (elbow) on the 15-day disabled list.378531076131630.282162672220.630.76-0.83-0.27-0.61-0.59-0.17-0.270.450.26
990-0.30Marte, StarlingPITOF1085/15/2014 11:46 AM Starling Marte is not in the Pirates starting lineup on Thursday.

5/14/2014 11:28 PM Starling Marte returned to the Pirates lineup on Wednesday in a pinch hitting role.

5/14/2014 4:41 PM Starling Marte (back) is planning to take batting practice on Wednesday.4174410944231090.262102973207-0.84-0.651.88-1.14-1.23-0.11-0.761.95-1.16-0.92
1092-0.30Frazier, Todd CIN3B106 38348985333770.257186552410.930.11-0.44-0.77-0.42-1.500.64-0.44-0.01-1.13
1098-0.33Arenado, Nolan COL3B102 372431064720530.28510270242-0.79-0.41-0.85-1.23-1.45-0.350.64-0.120.800.42
15142-0.69Gyorko, Jedd SD2B107 37646955028890.252183581810.93-0.16-0.75-0.99-0.84-1.27-1.19-0.79-0.44-1.38
15147-0.72Montero, Miguel ARIC95 34544914742830.26311062171-0.60-0.42-0.97-1.200.25-0.93-1.72-0.70-0.24-0.71
16157-0.78Springer, George HOUOF1095/14/2014 11:54 PM George Springer is settling in as he homered again, a two-run shot, for his only hit in five at-bats of Wednesday's win over the Rangers.379508940421280.2361516561530.36-0.950.63-0.560.24-1.40-2.120.14-1.82-2.27
  -1.21Avg Stats/Total Values   1447 5,5197661,5176895341,0210.27518314099630038-1.15-2.92-0.15-1.54-0.69-3.59-3.401.671.60-1.95
  -0.13Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   941 3,5954989984563476590.2781199265819625-0.42-0.860.04-0.49-0.14-0.97-1.141.460.930.25
150.98Scherzer, Max DETSP25 157.8127575345178163.001201.0906010.901.42-
1100.62Sale, ChrisCHWSP205/15/2014 3:55 PM Chris Sale's rehab start has been postponed by rain and pushed back a day. 135.7122504631143153.06901.1305120.360.16-0.211.481.601.37-
2140.40Zimmermann, Jordan WASSP24 154.0149605631122143.251101.1705010.801.29-0.210.700.740.47-0.16-
3240.20Kimbrel, Craig ATLRP55 54.1331010178531.593330.930300-1.64-2.371.543.312.30-1.11-0.161.57-0.72-0.72
3260.16Ryu, Hyun-JinLADSP22 143.0132585439114123.371001.2005010.530.82-
4340.03Uehara, Koji BOSRP53 52.838141396852.273260.901300-1.67-
547-0.11Wood, Alex ATLSP/RP23 83.4783028258272.99701.231301-0.92-0.83-0.211.10-0.39-
656-0.14Benoit, Joaquin SDRP50 49.1351715155442.82471.039200-1.77-1.970.150.951.35-2.441.382.39-0.72-0.72
659-0.19Dickey, R.A. TORSP24 159.9148777148133203.981001.2307120.950.53-0.21-3.27-0.580.92-0.16-1.470.720.72
987-0.32Buchholz, Clay BOSSP20 121.311553494194103.62901.2805010.000.30-0.21-0.98-1.46-0.74-0.160.27-0.12-0.12
26256-0.68Ogando, Alexi TEXSP32 35.1301716122744.08211.207100-2.11-2.76-0.16-0.840.00-3.581.003.08-0.72-0.72
  0.96Avg Stats/Total Values   347 1,146.51,0084454093141,1001113.2180671.15184539-4.58-5.601.226.549.14-5.231.308.89-1.04-1.04
  0.36Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   281 707.8606260239195709633.0451671.13182814-6.41-7.121.868.287.99-7.661.7910.34-2.71-2.71

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avatarjphanned   5/15/2014 4:35 PM

The projections are not "better", no. They're using the same projections source and both have access to our in-house "Monster Factors". The biggest difference is that the daily membership offers projections customized to each site (DraftStreet, Fanduel, DraftKings), gives you a lineup building tool, and uses the site pricing to calculate the best value plays on a given day. That, among some additional features, is the difference. But if you're in a full-season league on CBS, ESPN, or Yahoo! and are just looking for streaming options then the daily projections under the 'Rankings' tab will suit you just fine. 

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avatarjyang61107  5/16/2014 9:05 AM

Looks like J. Gyorko, M. Montero, G. Springer, T. Frazier, A. Ogando can be streamed.

You have 5 options everyday to rotate based on daily projections.

Are you in a limited inning league and waiver league?

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avatar#6959  5/18/2014 9:35 AM

yes 1500 gp and 1300 innings. waivers are only 2 days so I stream quite a bit.

Thanks for the answer just wanted to make sure i was using the best data daily.  I did trade Marte for Prado to shore up 2b and add position flexibility while Zobrist is out.  I might need to find some more hr/rbi's with Beltran's injury worrying me right now.

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