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avatarwhalentc  9/3/2014 10:17 AM

12 team roto, OBP over BA. I have a 20 point 1st place lead in the roto standings, with healthy leads/point buffers in most of the offensive stat categories. Recently beset by medium-to-minor injuries to Rizzo and C.Gomez, as well as minor-ish injuries to Pedroia, Abreu, and Justin Upton. Fortunately, waning interest amount league mates has allowed me to poach Fowler and Eaton off of the wire to fill some holes.

I thought I might stand pat, but BBM's projection/rank for Rizzo moving forward has me thinking otherwise. Though I feel I have the title close to wrapped up, I'm starting to wonder if holding Rizzo is more of a risk than dropping him for a bench bat to plug the holes in my beat-up roster.

What do you folks think?


12 Teams | 13 Hitters Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R OBP] | 9 Pitchers Per Team [5 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO]

141.53Abreu, Jose CHW1B229/2/2014 5:01 PM Jose Abreu is not in the White Sox starting lineup on Tuesday.821325177190.307600.3702.982.86-0.821.391.25
2150.83Upton, JustinATLOF219/3/2014 9:50 AM Justin Upton (tricep) is not in the Braves starting lineup on Wednesday.

9/2/2014 8:04 PM Justin Upton left game with a left-triceps contusion. He is day-to-day.771122148200.291410.3651.321.76-0.310.410.97
3280.47Heyward, Jason ATLOF21 861324810140.279320.3620.25-0.530.421.260.95
4380.34Holliday, Matt STLOF22 8211221010140.265300.3620.770.20-0.700.500.91
4420.31Pence, Hunter SFOF239/3/2014 1:30 AM Hunter Pence went 2-for-5 with a RBI, two runs scored and a stolen base in the Giants win over the Rockies on Tuesday night. 891125126170.287320.3390.340.83-0.010.48-0.07
4430.30Sandoval, Pablo SF3B22 811025146110.308300.3560.331.52-0.97-0.010.65
667-0.01Eaton, Adam CHWOF209/2/2014 9:25 PM Update: Adam Eaton was ejected for arguing a called third strike. 

9/2/2014 9:10 PM Adam Eaton has left the game in the sixth inning. Jordan Danks takes over. 83132478140.284130.356-1.34-1.130.581.150.67
668-0.01Fowler, Dexter HOUOF20 711020712170.277130.383-0.98-1.150.430.111.52
671-0.06Baez, Javier CHCSS22 891121105290.236420.2841.650.120.040.40-2.51
783-0.17Pedroia, DustinBOS2B219/2/2014 11:38 AM Manager John Farrell says Dustin Pedroia (head) is gradually progressing, he reluctantly understands there's testing that needs to be passed before he gets cleared.83122488110.287110.352-1.31-0.51-0.240.720.48
10115-0.38Gomez, CarlosMILOF149/2/2014 6:30 PM Carlos Gomez has been diagnosed with a sprained left wrist and will be out of the starting lineup for at least one week.

9/2/2014 3:09 PM Carlos Gomez is still out of the Brewers starting lineup with a left wrist issue. 5881664140.279230.338-0.27-1.480.79-0.90-0.05
12133-0.54Ramos, Wilson WASC19 6071794100.286300.3320.10-0.24-0.97-1.37-0.23
14161-0.76Rizzo, AnthonyCHC1B119/2/2014 4:00 PM MRI on Anthony Rizzo reveals a mild low back strain. He is not shut down for the season.426126590.275200.365-0.09-1.54-0.79-1.920.54
15176-0.89Alcantara, Arismendy CHC2B/SS/OF219/3/2014 12:34 AM Arismendy Alcantara went 1-for-4 with a two run home run in the fifth inning of the Cubs victory over the Brewers on Tuesday. 6861775180.248230.299-0.82-1.080.68-1.85-1.39
19224-1.22Bogaerts, Xander BOS3B169/2/2014 10:12 PM Xander Bogaerts went 4-for-5 with with a home run and two RBI in the Red Sox victory over the Yankees on Tuesday. 5761464150.244100.308-0.97-1.43-0.76-2.03-0.92
  -0.21Avg Stats/Total Values   295 1,1091503081411032320.27739210.3461.95-1.80-2.63-1.663.09
  0.93Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   269 1,009135280129942090.27735180.3452.321.22-2.641.152.58
121.93Kershaw, Clayton LADSP49/3/2014 12:14 AM Clayton Kershaw improved to 17-3 after allowing one run on three hits and two walks with eight strikeouts over eight innings of work in a win against the Nationals on Tuesday night. 30.7217753521.94200.841.45-0.623.243.671.92
2240.23Betances, Dellin NYYRP10 13.574351912.19100.86-0.76-0.621.131.51-0.09
3270.14Roark, Tanner WASSP/RP4 24.3219951823.18201.070.80-0.62-0.100.82-0.19
4370.06Papelbon, Jonathan PHIRP9 9.16332912.56150.91-1.391.710.460.84-1.32
4430.04Allen, Cody CLERP11 10.073341312.66141.10-1.091.430.420.23-0.81
553-0.08Wood, Alex ATLSP/RP4 25.22410982423.18201.250.67-0.62-0.12-0.920.58
554-0.08Uehara, Koji BOSRP9 8.983311012.82140.98-1.331.280.250.59-1.20
885-0.33Odorizzi, Jake TBSP4 23.0229982423.40201.310.28-0.62-0.55-1.360.61
893-0.38Fiers, Mike MILRP4 19.0188751923.53101.21-0.21-0.62-0.67-0.41-0.01
10109-0.47Weaver, Jered LAASP4 28.126131282133.92201.210.62-0.62-1.98-0.590.23
  1.06Avg Stats/Total Values   65 192.0159706451192173.0113131.10-0.970.112.074.38-0.28
  -0.22Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   44 69.7552624197173.084131.06-3.963.190.272.58-3.19

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avatarkslight  9/3/2014 10:53 AM

In your case, dropping him makes sense since he's out indefinitely as of yesterday ( I'm seven points behind someone in a roto league and am having a hard time finding a path to victory so I would imagine it's hard to give up that 20 point lead in one month.


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avatarjyang61107  9/3/2014 11:28 PM

I'm 0.5 points away from first and I had to drop him to chase the counting stats for the other to dailies.  Not to mention I only have 1 DL spot and have to give it to Daniel Murphy since the CUBS are not putting Rizzo on the DL list. Missing 1 player 2 weeks out of the final 3 weeks stats is hard to swallow when your so close to gold.

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