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avatarholty85  6/20/2015 1:07 PM

dynasty(keep everyone no restrictions) 10 man 6X6 OBP/QS as the extra cats H2H...we can have up to 5 minor leaguers...I currently have Corey Seager, Julio Urias, Steven Matz, Manny Margot, & Julio Urias....would you trade Seager & Urias for Springer? I know 2 years from now I will end up losing this trade as both Seager & Urias are blue chippers 65 type prospects....I'm so torn...

10 Teams | 14 Hitters Per Team $130 Per Team [4 Active = H SB R OBP, 2 Punted = HR RBI] | 16 Pitchers Per Team $70 Per Team [5 Active = W ERA WHIP SO QS, 1 Punted = SV]

21771.260.98+0.28Joey Votto CIN1B91 354591034773800.2911470.4140.780.640.22-0.081.482.85
325141.040.27+0.77Denard Span WASOF80 367541143328370.3104150.3591.62-1.31-
435160.870.36+0.51Joe Panik SF2B89 388591184333490.304520.3601.93-1.07-0.23-0.691.460.78
541190.800.26+0.54Dexter Fowler CHCOF87 37660953453960.2528160.3480.13-0.50-
546230.75-0.18+0.92Ben Revere PHIOF80 364431112513350.3041280.3301.37-1.98-2.072.74-0.64-0.49
763310.510.41+0.09Joc Pederson LADDH/OF84 329608137681170.2471860.380-0.931.25-0.80-0.091.641.42
11107540.13-0.06+0.19Mookie Betts BOS2B/OF846/20/2015 3:47 AM
Mookie Betts went 4-for-5 with one RBI and one stolen base in the Red Sox 7-3 win over the Royals on Friday.
13126650.000.00+0.00Mike Moustakas KC3B88 382531044424590.2711230.3200.830.09-0.09-0.620.72-0.91
13127660.00-0.24+0.24Kolten Wong STL2B856/19/2015 11:53 PM
Kolten Wong went 1-for-5 with a two-run home run on Friday night against the Phillies.
1413669-0.04-0.20+0.16Nick Markakis ATLOF89 35143994643490.281510.3620.44-1.120.09-0.83-0.560.78
2019791-0.36-0.34 -0.02Alex Gordon KCOF88 31841843938720.2631150.353-0.74-0.01-0.62-0.30-0.810.41
26251111-0.59-0.61+0.02Matt HollidayInjured - strained right quadriceps - is on the 15-day disabled list

Projected Return 7/20/2015

STLOF63 24338694038490.284730.390-1.86-0.71-0.57-0.59-1.231.32
39389150-0.98-0.67 -0.30Stephen Vogt OAKC806/20/2015 4:38 AM
Stephen Vogt went 2-for-4 connecting on his 13th home run of the season with three RBI against the Angels on Friday.
41403153-1.00-0.76 -0.24Steven Souza TBDH/OF826/20/2015 1:32 AM
Steven Souza Jr. went 2-for-4 with a solo homer and two runs scored during Friday’s 4-1 win against the indians.
61609176-1.29-1.27 -0.02Addison Russell CHC2B/SS87 287277327221020.254850.317-1.58-0.59-1.86-0.26-2.55-0.78
1051048461-3.28-3.22 -0.06Corey Seager LADSS24 4021133110.266110.312-6.43-1.83-4.40-0.86-5.72-0.11
   -2.04-5.17+3.13Avg Stats/Total Values   1282 5,0897151,3885675561,0300.2731411260.348-7.87-6.82-16.031.62-5.763.85
   2.61-0.83+3.44Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   1088 4,4476341,2324904798410.2771141090.3511.69-5.50-9.932.262.064.42
327131.010.76+0.25Gerrit Cole PITSP19 117.410343393411383.02801.16131.19-0.481.280.571.031.01
328140.990.74+0.25Dallas Keuchel HOUSP19 131.711350463210073.15801.10131.09-0.481.091.320.570.88
330150.950.72+0.24Chris Archer TBSP19 116.89444403611683.10701.12130.65-0.481.090.981.150.91
431160.930.70+0.24Sonny Gray OAKSP186/20/2015 4:36 AM
Sonny Gray surrendered six runs (five earned) on five hits and three walks while striking out two batters over six innings against the Angels on Friday.
432170.900.67+0.23Jordan Zimmermann WASSP20 120.31234441229583.03901.20141.53-0.481.280.180.391.12
550250.690.50+0.20Michael Pineda NYYSP17 101.79140372098103.26701.09110.65-0.480.621.080.490.61
767340.480.32+0.16Tyson Ross SDSP19 112.010344405011663.22801.36130.80-0.480.76-
13121590.04-0.04+0.09Collin McHugh HOUSP19 111.311253493099143.98701.27110.55-0.48-0.94-0.410.550.47
1312963-0.01-0.09+0.08Eduardo Rodriguez BOSSP176/20/2015 3:47 AM
Eduardo Rodriguez allowed one earned run on six hits while walking one and striking out five over 6.1 innings in the Red Sox 7-3 win over the Royals on Friday.
1414071-0.07-0.14+0.07Ervin SantanaInjured - -

Projected Return 7/5/2015

MINSP16 105.010248443087103.75601.2610-0.03-0.48-0.40-0.300.090.29
1515079-0.13-0.19+0.06Chase Anderson ARISP20 92.2894238267593.72601.2590.07-0.48-0.30-0.21-0.300.08
1615381-0.14-0.19+0.06Doug Fister WASSP18 115.412654502374123.86701.29100.60-0.48-0.70-0.66-0.350.43
1817189-0.23-0.04 -0.19Dellin Betances NYYRP38 38.41788135821.763100.760-1.350.901.401.43-0.92-1.70
22219118-0.46-0.46+0.00Carlos Rodon CHWSP/RP19 96.4904743519584.00601.469-0.18-0.48-0.85-1.870.390.21
25242135-0.55-0.54 -0.01Steven MatzMinor Leagues

Projected Return 6/25/2015

NYMSP9 51.4432220194743.48401.206-1.16-0.480.080.10-1.29-0.48
42415259-1.02-0.93 -0.09Will Harris HOURP23 20.9148762323.01200.960-1.94-0.480.230.44-2.15-1.70
56557389-1.23-1.10 -0.12J.J. Hoover CINRP29 31.7221716163144.46201.190-2.08-0.48-0.570.08-1.86-1.70
   2.170.67+1.50Avg Stats/Total Values   338 1,586.81,4316546024801,4211273.41103101.201541.41-6.824.662.35-0.182.58

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avatarcallahan  6/20/2015 5:43 PM

I didn't understand your Max Scherzer trade, so you got me.  Apprarently, your future is worth more than today.

If it was me, I would've said FU HELL NO to the Scherzer trade and yes to the Springer for Wong trade.  This latest deal depends on how you project Seager and Urias and we haven't even seen them yet, so no.

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avatarholty85  6/20/2015 9:34 PM

Moving scherzer made all the sense in the world considering I have cole, gray, keuchel, and archer...I couldn't end up doing the wong springer deal because the owner pulled it.

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avatarcallahan  6/20/2015 10:13 PM

All right.  I'm assuming you're still trying to make the POs for this season.  It seems with your lack of hitters that the only pickups you can make are the Seagers and Uriases.  Going this route, you have to hope one or two of them hit the jackpot like a Carlos Correa or Joey Gallo.  HR doesn't help you, but I mean prospects who make an immediate impact.  Springer would help you this season, so he would be worth acquiring.  Leave his offer out there and give him Wong for Springer to see if he'll bite.  Or a Urias and Rondon for Springer.

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avatarholty85  6/20/2015 10:24 PM

Right, I needed offense and was stacked at pitching...thus I moved scherzer and got back joc and wong...I'm currently in second place and am tied with the first place team this week...I have no doubts my team can compete, but I'm looking to make one more splash on offense...wong for springer is off the table as springer owner pulled that my only chance to get him is to deal 2 blue chip prospects...which I'm on the fence about since this is a long term dynasty...which is why I was looking for the communities opinion here to push me one way or the other on the deal

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avatarkslight  6/21/2015 6:34 AM

Springer is offering speed which you likely won't get from Seager if that makes a difference for your long-term plans. The speed (along with his power) gives Springer the higher ceiling. If you believe Seager is the better long-term player, I would not do the deal.  If you like Springer better, I think it's worth doing even giving up the potential of Urias since it'll give you a better shot to win this and next season (and possibly longer).

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