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avatarRapierman   5/24/2019 9:39 PM

I've been offered Max Scherzer for Freddie Freeman.  Should I take this trade?  My team is below.


Roto 12 Teams Hitters 10 Per Team [5 Active = HR RBI SB R BA] Pitchers 8 Per Team [5 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO]

11081.28Freddie Freeman ATL1B108404721277748830.3142221.012.24-0.571.662.07
213101.25Anthony Rizzo CHC1B111404771157952570.2842451.472.39-
446260.31Justin Turner LAD3B96341611055942480.309151-0.340.56-0.730.531.52
557310.19Thomas Pham TBOF1083875910852651010.2801880.19-
666380.15Marcell Ozuna STLOF101372541006533760.2682020.591.15-0.67-0.09-0.24
667390.15Jose Abreu CHW1B106390511106025920.2821930.540.63-0.43-0.410.41
88649-0.01Jose AltuveINJ 4gHOU2B96366581054940590.287128-0.81-0.360.210.290.63
1011664-0.18Carlos Correa HOUSS9633349945441850.283161-0.010.09-0.78-0.620.40
1314778-0.35Adam Eaton WASOF97355561033837700.291711-1.82-1.390.610.070.79
19220101-0.60Austin Meadows TBOF9233345913725770.2731011-1.17-1.450.62-0.990.00
45532148-1.02Dee GordonINJ 8gSEA2B/SS/OF913293393278480.283319-2.66-2.411.64-2.100.40
60711174-1.21Tommy La Stella LAA2B/3B9130538843231400.27670-1.75-1.92-0.87-1.640.11
71845231-1.58Kurt Suzuki WASC7020525552712300.27071-1.78-2.37-0.79-2.89-0.08
76904282-2.01Austin Riley ATL3B/OF541412036139500.25861-1.99-3.62-0.80-3.38-0.27
   -3.64Avg Stats/Total Values   13184,6646981,3286664699150.28518673-8.54-6.55-2.61-7.106.61
   -0.25Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   10753,8405891,0955894157470.28517043-2.060.87-4.06-1.705.68
661270.17Luis Castillo CINSP25157.4119736755167223.851.111101.15-0.63-1.550.571.33
1011753-0.20Masahiro Tanaka NYYSP24138.8131686332148254.061.171000.94-0.63-1.92-0.300.92
1012055-0.21Trevor Williams PITSP24143.6131625741110123.551.20900.66-0.63-0.56-0.620.10
1315575-0.37Domingo German NYYSP/RP2489.272423833101123.851.18700.01-0.63-0.88-0.25-0.09
1517689-0.44Adam Ottavino NYYRP4646.4341817225943.241.2145-1.02-0.050.10-0.23-1.00
18210113-0.56Yonny Chirinos TBSP/RP2974.8663432175883.801.1150-0.77-0.63-0.660.29-1.02
20233128-0.61Emilio Pagan TBRP4246.3382220125073.851.0631-1.30-0.48-0.450.36-1.19
20240135-0.64Yusmeiro Petit OAKRP4044.437201983963.751.0130-1.33-0.63-0.350.55-1.42
28334213-0.84Chris Bassitt OAKSP952.7472523224553.861.3040-1.05-0.63-0.52-0.69-1.30
60716541-1.22John Means BALSP/RP2372.4863734194894.191.4530-1.14-0.63-1.18-1.90-1.23
   -4.91Avg Stats/Total Values   287866.07594003682628231103.821.18577-3.85-5.61-7.97-2.23-4.91
   -3.86Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   254669.7582313289199668933.881.17457-3.46-4.34-6.88-0.92-3.70

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avatarkslight  5/25/2019 4:07 AM

I'd say there's more upside with Scherzer so if you're currently on pace to not do well, it's worth the risk.

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avatarRapierman   5/25/2019 9:35 AM

That's the amusing thing:  Your projected standings say I should finsih 6th, but I'm currently in the lead and I only have one position where I'm one game over the limit:  First base.  All others are either at pace or behind.

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avatarwpamorrissey  5/28/2019 1:01 PM

The projected standings do not take into account past performance, it's only looking forward. 

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avatarRapierman   5/28/2019 9:35 PM

It needs to catch up, but that's beside the point.

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avatar#4586  5/29/2019 12:54 AM

A little late to this party... I love Scherz and think he'd still be drafted higher in most leagues if the draft was today. With 5 active hitters, going from Freeman to Abreu seems like a much smaller drop than the increase from Bassitt to Scherz. (Granted, I'm not sure exactly how your games/IP maxes work.) But Roto is a funny thing. Wins seem tough for all WAS pitchers this season. The bullpen shows no signs of maintaining wins anytime soon. Scherz's ERA and WHIP are worse so far this season. How many points can you gain in K's? Have some room to grow there? A bunch of people barely in front of you, or are you stuck where you are? And how does that "room to grow in K's" compare to your "points to lose in AVG"? Those seem like the big things that will move... and hopefully Scherz improves and gets his ERA and WHIP back in line with previous years to net you a few points. This early in the season, I'd still lean towards "best overall player" as if the draft was today... which would lead me to go with Scherz. But if you're already in first with some room in your roto points, I'd understand your hesitation...

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