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Tuesday's Games  

Temperature, Humidity, Wind Direction/Speed
The rain array shows a 10-hour window where the more red, the higher the chance of rain.
ARIwaiting on odds@ WASwaiting on odds 6:05pmin 16.2h
62° H85%Rain
BOS 4.9@ NYY 3.6 6:05pmin 16.2h
65° H67%
CHC 4.4@ PIT 3.6 6:05pmin 16.2h
57° H60% Winds right-left at 3-6 mph
BAL 3.9@ TOR 4.6 6:07pmin 16.2h
60° H53% Winds out to CF at 5-9 mph Retractable Dome
CLEwaiting on odds@ DETwaiting on odds 6:10pmin 16.3h
57° H62% Winds right-left at 3-9 mph
NYM 4.2@ MIA 3.3 6:10pmin 16.3h
77° H87% Winds out to LF at 1-6 mph Retractable DomeStorms
PHI 3.6@ ATL 4.4 6:10pmin 16.3h
71° H78% Winds left-right at 2-6 mphRain
MIN 3.7@ KC 4.8 6:15pmin 16.3h
66° H64% Winds out to RF at 4-8 mph
MIL 4.1@ TEX 5.4 7:05pmin 17.2h
63° H62% Winds out to LF at 1-6 mph
SEA 3.9@ HOU 4.1 7:10pmin 17.3h
75° H74% Winds right-left at 3-5 mph Retractable Dome
TB 3.5@ CHW 4.5 7:10pmin 17.3h
56° H72% Winds out to CF at 5-11 mphRain
CIN 3.4@ STL 5.1 7:15pmin 17.3h
62° H64% Winds out to RF at 3-5 mph
OAK 4.0@ LAA 4.5 9:05pmin 19.2h
79° H46% Winds out to CF at 1-6 mph
LAD 4.5@ SD 3.5 9:10pmin 19.3h
75° H59% Winds out to CF at 2-8 mph
COL 3.4@ SF 4.6 9:15pmin 19.3h
58° H85% Winds out to CF at 5-13 mphRain
Confirmed lineup with updated projections
pR Projected Runs
aR Actual Runs
For H2H/Roto users, please click here for this season's changes.

Top H2H/Roto Hitters - 2016 Season

   111.75Mookie BettsBOSOF1530.32165211931109262.062.480.961.701.55
   221.55Mike TroutLAAOF1540.3185341212998271.602.590.751.151.65
   331.46Jose AltuveHOU2B1560.3366221052495282.651.670.221.011.74
   541.35Nolan ArenadoCOL3B1540.2935941124012920.712.081.922.69-0.66
   751.27Kris BryantCHC3B1510.2955891203910180.802.541.811.30-0.11
   1061.07Brian DozierMIN2B1510.274598101429916-0.091.442.131.200.63
   1171.06Paul GoldschmidtARI1B1520.3015591032391290.971.560.110.811.83
   1281.04Charlie BlackmonCOLOF1370.3215521092878171.751.900.640.160.72
   1391.03Josh DonaldsonTOR3B1490.282557121369670.222.591.501.05-0.20
   14101.02David OrtizBOSDH1450.321517773712421.650.061.602.44-0.66
   15110.99Edwin EncarnacionTORDH1540.26958198421262-0.321.272.132.54-0.66
   17120.94Daniel MurphyWAS2B1410.345530882510452.610.700.331.45-0.38
   19130.89Jonathan VillarMIL3B1510.283569881861590.270.70-0.42-0.684.60
   20140.87Manny MachadoBAL3B1510.303617103369401.181.561.500.96-0.84
   22150.83Joey VottoCIN1B1520.32152998279081.701.270.540.76-0.11
   24160.78Jean SeguraARISS1470.318619941963301.851.04-0.31-0.581.92
   25170.78Nelson CruzSEAOF1500.286569924110110.410.932.031.30-0.75
   27180.78Robinson CanoSEA2B1550.298630100359401.001.391.390.96-0.84
   28190.74Freddie FreemanATL1B1520.30557096328761.
   29200.74Xander BogaertsBOSSS1510.2936281132088130.752.13-0.210.660.35

Top H2H/Roto Pitchers - 2016 Season

   411.41Clayton KershawLADSP201.65142.00.701201682.573.470.73-0.600.87
   621.34Max ScherzerWASSP322.82217.30.921802670.562.281.81-0.602.63
   831.16Kyle HendricksCHCSP301.99185.00.951601662.491.631.45-0.600.84
   941.16Jon LesterCHCSP312.28197.71.001901911.931.181.99-0.601.28
   1650.94Kenley JansenLADRP701.8667.70.613471021.032.07-0.902.81-0.30
   1860.91Madison BumgarnerSFSP332.75219.31.021402460.761.031.09-0.602.26
   2170.83Rick PorcelloBOSSP323.11217.00.99220183-0.281.382.54-0.601.14
   2380.79Zach BrittonBALRP670.7064.30.79246691.971.21-1.082.74-0.89
   2690.78Andrew MillerCLERP671.5072.00.6910121191.441.800.370.270.00
   31100.73Jose FernandezMIASP292.86182.31.091602530.360.061.45-0.602.38
   36110.67Jake ArrietaCHCSP302.85192.31.051801860.400.561.81-0.601.19
   39120.64Justin VerlanderDETSP323.21213.01.01150234-0.561.041.27-0.602.04
   40130.61Johnny CuetoSFSP312.79212.71.081701870.620.191.63-0.601.21
   43140.60Chris SaleCHWSP303.23214.71.02160220-0.620.961.45-0.601.80
   46150.55Corey KluberCLESP323.31215.01.06180227-0.840.481.81-0.601.92
   47160.51Aroldis ChapmanCHCRP571.6156.00.86436851.040.83-0.722.01-0.60
   48170.47Rich HillLADSP192.05105.30.981201251.340.750.73-0.600.11
   53180.44Mark MelanconWASRP711.7467.30.94243621.140.66-1.082.52-1.01
   55190.43Noah SyndergaardNYMSP302.63177.71.151302100.89-0.640.91-0.601.62
   58200.42Seung Hwan OhSTLRP731.8976.30.85518981.141.16-0.540.70-0.37